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"Surface-Floating" Pool/ "Bed Of Water"

Never sink. New swimming experience. Keeps you as high up on surface of the water as desired, perhaps even high enough for you to sleep in the pool on warm nights w/o fear of drowning.
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Water-jets on pool bottom hold up swimmers, and are arranged so they form an overlapping pattern when they reach the surface. They act as a single upward current throughout the pool, holding up the swimmers. If you are worried about the energy costs of this scheme, I think the average upward pressure exerted on a swimmer by this "single upward current" can be as low as 1/4 ounce per square inch, yet support swimmers as well as life jackets can.

However, the above-mentioned water-jet pressure is only an average and assumes swimmers keep their weight evenly distributed across the water. In case they don't, like they try to prop themselves up, sit up, or do other things, I suggest putting electronically controlled valves on the jets, and sensors somewhere in the pool, so as to re-adjust the water-jets' actual pressures appropriately when swimmers start to sink, or prop-up attempts fail to work. This can also save energy costs by turning some jets down, or off, when there is nothing in the water above them.

Of course, in order for this valve-and-sensor scheme to keep any swimmers from sinking, the water-jets would have to be capable of pressures greater than 1/4 ounce per square inch, even if usually held at that low pressure, or lower, by the valves.

Ponce, Feb 15 2017

Space Fountain https://en.wikipedi...wiki/Space_fountain
a loop of string can reach above the atmosphere if you shoot it upward really really fast [sninctown, Feb 16 2017]

[snictown], are you really a fan ? http://www.sharenat...ebook_Become_a_fan/
[normzone, Feb 17 2017]


       Why bother with energy-intensive jets? Just increase the density of the water by adding salt (or possibly other stuff) so you float better (a la sensory-deprivation tanks).
neutrinos_shadow, Feb 15 2017

       [Ponce], I don't believe my eyes. According to the search tool, you joined up back in 2002, annoed on one idea in 2006, and just now posted your first idea.
normzone, Feb 15 2017

       welcome to the halfbakery.   

       while i am a fan, the experience of being sprayed with a high-pressure hose suggests this may be less than restful. the difference is: floating in water exerts even, steady pressure on the body (calming), while jets of water impacting the body exert uneven, varying pressure (not calming. in principle, i see nothing wrong with this, though the practicalities of doing turbulent fluid flow calculations in real time in order to drive a control loop with limited bandwidth (due to water flight time from nozzle to swimmer) may be problematic.   

       a simpler solution would be a single large water blast, which would suck in neighboring swimmers through the bernoulli effect. i suggest this idea be carried to full implemetation in the form of a space fountain, offering scenic experiences of low Earth orbit.
sninctown, Feb 16 2017

       //Just increase the density of the water by adding salt (or possibly other stuff) so you float better (a la sensory-deprivation tanks).//   

       Possibly other stuff like onions and carrots ?
bigsleep, Feb 17 2017

       There are hydro-massaging units that use a membrane between jets and the massaged. Inverting and modifying such a unit might give the idea substance.   

       With solutes added, can water form multiple boundaries under different pressure streams? I was imagining Macrame with curvy water jets, in a pool of water. The jet streams don't mix because of the different solutes they carry.
wjt, Feb 17 2017

       Why DON'T more people with swimming pools put salts in them then float in them? That would be a good question.
Ponce, Feb 19 2017

       Why DON'T more people with swimming pools put salts in them then float in them? That would be a good answer.   

       I guess attitudes on the HB differ, but true HBers offer answers rather than sit around trying to scoop patents - so feel free to answer your own question.
bigsleep, Feb 20 2017


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