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Tactilely-Distinguisible Dashboard Controls

You should be able to tell one knob from the other without having to look down.
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Have you ever been zipping down the highway, fumbling around the bottom of the dash to turn down the radio but turned up the AC instead? Then you looked down to find the right knob and almost rear-ended a truck at 65mph?

I want my radio volume control to be all knobby like an acorn cap; I want my vent control to be shaped like a bunny; I want my AC knob to feel like velcro hook. No more fumbling, no more terrifying glances away from the traffic.

jcatkeson, Apr 26 2006


       This is kind of baked I think. I own a Caravan, a Dodge Dakota and a BMW 528 and every one has different shaped knobs for every function on the dash. Plus the steering wheel controls have little pips on them so you can tell you are on different buttons. Great Idea! The car companies had it years ago.   

jhomrighaus, Apr 26 2006


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