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the Anti-sleep Security System

or ASS, to ensure against sleepy-time accidents
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<edit!>Those who have a habit of falling asleep at the wheel will probably appreciate this. </edit!> okay so here's my idea: i want cars to come with an Anti-sleep Security System, or ASS for short. features include:

- steering wheel embedded pulse monitor - steering wheel embedded shock delivery system - flashing dashboard - blinkrate monitoring windshield/mirrors - pressure monitors on gas pedal - vibrating seats - temperature monitor in seats - safety lock

so here's how it might work: once the driver gets into the car, the ASS is already enabled. the safety lock is in place to assure that the ASS can only be disabled with a long and tedious security code. thus, already sleepy drivers will consider it too much of a hassle to disable. the steering wheel embedded pulse monitor, blinkrate monitoring windshield/mirrors, pressure monitoring gas pedal, and temperature monitors, well, monitor the driver's bodily functions.

sleep will slow heart rate and lower temperature, and (i think most sleepy drivers have experienced this), your foot tends to get really heavy or really light. once the internal computer recognizes that these levels are below normal (or above normal as the case may be) or the foot is applying steadily less pressure, the ASS kicks in. now, these levels will all be monitored relative to a baseline that is determined when the driver enters the vehicle, also taking into account the vehicle's internal climate and driving conditions. also, it can be either a combination of heartrate, blinkrate, temperature, or pressure in the pedals, or a drastic change in any of them that would cause the computer to begin using the ASS.

once the ASS has determined that you are falling asleep, it will cause the vibrating seat to shake slightly, make the dashboard and perhaps the interior lights flash. then, as a last resort, the ASS would administer a light but significant electric shock from the steering wheel. perhaps for use in conjunction with the SAGSS. at first the ASS would be an inexpensive ungrade, and later the ASS would become standard in all new models.

screamapillar, Dec 02 2003

Napzapper http://www.tbotech.com/napzapper.htm
Works when your head nods forward. No electric shock. [phoenix, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       My car does all this - even while I am wide awake.
neelandan, Dec 02 2003

       What's wrong with the auto-popup cushions...err no, wait...
silverstormer, Dec 02 2003

       obligatory ass joke reference.
RayfordSteele, Dec 02 2003

       //the ASS kicks in//   

       That right there deserves a bun, but you won't get one, because you don't understand the error in your first sentence and how it negates the rest of your proposal. Fix it, [screamapolis] and I'll give you bread.
k_sra, Dec 02 2003

       k_sra, how I get to woik in the morning is a mystery! I have soo much trouble getting to sleep...bloody engine noise for starters..
po, Dec 02 2003

       Not that it's going to help you much, but here you go. +
k_sra, Dec 02 2003


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