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Get paper recommendations from the community
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I'm a researcher, and I really like the "related" papers link on Google Scholar and PubMed. But sometimes, I really want lateral recommendations that can be extrapolated from what I want to do. I propose a community site of scientists and scientists in training that helps recommend papers based on your specific project.

I go to the site, type in what I'm trying to do (e.g. "differentiate stem cells with my foot") get back 10 recommended papers from scientists interested in the same stuff and go on from there.

goodmars, Mar 04 2009

Irrational Theorist - Educational http://irrationalth...h/label/Educational
This is where you can type as nerdy as you wanna be [quantum_flux, Mar 10 2009]


       Sounds like a papers based forum. This would allow reviews as well as references.   

       Sounds good.
Skrewloose, Mar 05 2009

       omg thankyou [+]
FlyingToaster, Mar 05 2009

       Like a lot... this could work. Would be a kind of permanent online conference where you interact with your and others' communities.
hennessey, Mar 05 2009

       I thought this was going to be a phone sex line staffed by poor graduate students.   

       This is OK too, but just not the same.
shapu, Mar 05 2009

       this could definitely extend to journals. do you all know any site like this currently? bc I find myself wasting more and more time looking for useful papers.   

       [shapu], that was actually how we'll monetize the site...
goodmars, Mar 05 2009

       This is a great idea overall, not certain why something like this does not exist already. I say baked or not go for it.   

       I am also surprised Al Gore did not invent it back when he invented the internet he should be ashamed.
vfrackis, Mar 05 2009

       //I find myself wasting more and more time looking for useful papers//   

       Welcome to the wonderous world of research [goodmars]!
Jinbish, Mar 05 2009

       who wants to make this site with me!?
goodmars, Mar 05 2009

       Are you imagining it to be a community response or an automatic recommender system?
Jinbish, Mar 05 2009

goodmars, Mar 05 2009

       I'm in as member but I just discovered Google Scholar so it might be awhile before I do anything except lurk.
FlyingToaster, Mar 05 2009

       google scholar is amazing. google really needs to just buy the government.
goodmars, Mar 06 2009

       google should change its name to googly and then buy the government
vfrackis, Mar 06 2009

       also i like the sound of the word Googlement
vfrackis, Mar 06 2009

       united states googlement. I like.   

       any takers on the development side?
goodmars, Mar 06 2009

       //I find myself wasting more and more time looking for useful papers//   

       So your solution is to eat up many extra hours of a bunch of researchers' time moping around on a website suggesting papers to people on top of everything?   

       In terms of efficiency, [People's memories < google or databases], unless they have a crazy good memory or are one of the top people in their field, which would make them very rare or too important to spend much time on this site, respectively. And that means the website will create a net loss of efficiency, especially amongst the kinder and more benevolent scientists amongst us, for no particularly good societal reason. The whole journal system is bad enough already...
Smurfsahoy, Mar 06 2009

       + and title is [marked-for-tagline] + good one.
xandram, Mar 06 2009

       thanks xandram!
goodmars, Mar 07 2009

       This is a very good idea. It replicates how people act in real life, but on a larger scale. This would be exceptionally useful.
plasticspoon, Mar 07 2009

       There are plenty of consulting groups that will find the right person with whom you may talk tech = nerdy for the right price.   

       I speak from experience on both sides; in business, finding the right consultant for a 1-hour phone consultation is well worth the cost, and earning $120-240/hour for a phone conversation in the area of one's expertise and interest is well worth the distraction.
csea, Mar 08 2009

       I like extending the idea of an online scientific community to online conferences. Once a month, sub specialties of scientists can upload presentations for projects they are working on along with voice recordings presenting the slides. A designated Q&A session (i.e comments section) will be set to mimic the constraints of a real conference. Additionally, scientific companies can sponsor specific presentations.
goodmars, Mar 08 2009

       There are things like this that exist already :)
quantum_flux, Mar 08 2009

       hey [quantum_flux], what "things" did you have in mind? I've heard of OpenWetWare, but I wish you'd be a little more descriptive =)
goodmars, Mar 08 2009

       still waiting on those sites quantum, it would be really helpful...
goodmars, Mar 10 2009

       It's a "talk to a librarian" website, unfortunately there is an accademic enrollment requirement though. I think this would be cool to be open to the public though [+]   

       You can type nerdy to me at my website though.
quantum_flux, Mar 10 2009

       Hey 21Q, I need to pick up as many people as I can.
quantum_flux, Mar 10 2009

       Is that an HP48GX in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
RayfordSteele, Mar 10 2009

       baby, I wanna be rostral to your medulla
goodmars, Mar 11 2009

       Hey quantum_flux, any news on a similar site?
goodmars, Mar 17 2009


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