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A website where you can go to replicate pop-culture design and fashion
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How often have you been watching your favorite television show or film and seen a jacket or top that you thought might look good on you? How often have you admired the quirky lamp that your favorite situational comedy character kept on their office desk or the art that hung on their bedroom wall?

Imagine a website that featured stills from television and cinema where each object or piece of clothing could be clicked and identified. Each object would feature model numbers, ordering information, and retail pricing estimates. Original art would identify the artist and would provide a sampling of their work. Design features would lead you to a page that outlined how you could replicate the look in your own home.

The site could be funded through advertising by the network's or studios producing the featured shows and links to web pages where the coveted clothes and products are sold.

pablopk, Apr 29 2003

As Seen On Screen http://www.asseenonscreen.com/
Baked (though not with stills), for clothes at least. [friendlyfire, Oct 21 2004]

Name's taken, too http://thelook.com/
[thumbwax, Oct 21 2004]

GumGum http://tr.im/hs7v
Baked [goodmars, Mar 17 2009]


       magazines do this a lot - to the point where I feel like smacking someone for not allowing us to experiment with our own originality.   

       I am thinking of painting my front door bright pink btw.   

       croissant anyway.
po, Apr 29 2003

       I guess Ed Norton's apartment in "Fight Club" would be easy enough to do...
friendlyfire, Apr 29 2003

       Having done a lot of searching for images from TV and movies, I think there are copyright issues for not making them widely available.
DrCurry, Apr 29 2003

       [friendlyfire] pre or post explosion?
k_sra, Apr 29 2003

       DrCurry you are correct about the copyright impediments, however use of copyrighted images can be acceded to. Of course an intellectual property lawyer would be involved, but these seem to be issues that can be contracted around.
pablopk, Apr 29 2003

       <chuckle> Pre - I had in mind the pan across the flat with the furniture appearing, with each piece's Ikea name coming up alongside it.   

       On a further Fight Club note, I did actually see a jacket just like Tyler Durden's, and promoted thus, on (if memory serves correctly) AsSeenOnScreen.com back when...
friendlyfire, Apr 29 2003


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