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Targeted Reviews

Movies that YOU like.
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Problem: Movie reviews are subjective and some reviewers seem to have no connection to reality. Terrible movies are given excellent reviews and vice-versa.

Solution: Set up a free account on our new website. When you join, you are given a survey of your opinions on films you have previously seen. After completing it, you can then search for, and contribute, movie reviews.

As you browse them, certain reviews will be highlighted. These reviews were written by critics and fellow users whose taste in movies is most similar to yours, as determined by the survey.

Alx_xlA, May 31 2011


       You cant get rid of a "caution, wet paint" sign by painting more "caution, wet paint" signs...
4whom, May 31 2011

       Rotten tomatoes gives the aggregated opinion of reviewers worldwide. Is you want you can set it to only show you the opinions of reviewers you agree with.
bob, May 31 2011

       Isn't this somewhat baked by Amazon (and probably other retailers)? They make "recommendations" based on the purchases of people who bought the same movies (and books, and apparently now everythingelse) as you did.   

       iTunes does something similar for music (it's called "Genius", which it isn't) and probably for movies too.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 01 2011

       it's a minor innovation, but a good one. easy to implement, and certainly a useful feature. phone IMDB
fischerman, Jun 01 2011


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