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Teeth Harps

"Achieve hot licks with your teeth"
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Small nanotech harmonicas embedded within false teeth attached via a gum shield.

With songbook upon the music stand, simply follow the tooth notes to determine which teeth to press.

Simply press the desired teeth with your fingers, then blow a resulting tune through the other teeth.

May take some practice before you may achieve a Slangpolska.

Attempting this with Teeth Flutes may require more than a simple songbook.

skinflaps, Aug 31 2005

Vivian Stanshall -Tubular bells narrator http://www.answers....topic/tubular-bells
[Dub, Sep 02 2005]


       Would you accompany me while I play "Danny Boy" on my Nasal Flugelhorn?
wagster, Sep 01 2005

       Can I join in with my Venezuelan eye-lash banjo and eardrum-kit?   Swing man, swing.
Dub, Sep 01 2005

       they can double as whiteners and fight plaque and gingivitis.
IcarusByNight, Sep 01 2005

       Your incisors and canines're a bit sharp, and your molars and premolars are flat!   

       <Vivian Stanshall's voice>...And Introducing Tubular Balls</VSv>
Dub, Sep 01 2005


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