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The Viewer Channel

More disdain for audience
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Uninterrupted footage of people staring at the camera and eating snack foods. In their easy chair and underwear. Not many people would leave it on all day, but it would certainly be a shock to channel-surfers, and would hopefully frighten people into not watching any more television. Obviously this would be a government-funded public service.
mongmaster, Jun 12 2004


       [-] Would be a lot better if the people actually made degrading comments, and told you to get off your ass and do stuff. Maybe you can phone in requests for stuff, so that the person can actually describe exactly what one of your friends look like and/or what they're doing at that exact moment.
Pocketassreturn, Jun 12 2004

       The intention behind the idea is noble. Watching too much tv can't be good. Sadly, I doubt the government would fund such a channel: the more TV we watch, the more mind-numbed we get, the better for them. It's always easier to control snack-eating mentally-crippled bastards.
Pericles, Jun 12 2004


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