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Up Late TV

The Insomniac's TV Channel
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When you just can't sleep, a little distraction can be very welcome. But what's on TV? Infomercials, re-runs of shows that weren't watched in the first place, films too naff to merit a more popular timeslot, more informercials and rigged phone-in quizzes. Here lies a gap in the market.

Viewership would be gained and maintained by offering top-quality entertainment to demographics not well-catered for e.g. people with odd-hour jobs, students, insomniacs and the like.

During the daylight hours it would show nothing at all (or perhaps, for added irony, it would air constant adverts). But at night it would feature action, comedy, sports etc to your sleepless heart's content.

hidden truths, Feb 02 2009


       Or you could invest in a VCR or modern digital equivalent technology...
vincevincevince, Feb 02 2009

       can't + or - it... on the one hand when you work off-shifts you really don't want TV that is engrossing; just something to nod off or do the dishes to; on the other hand I like the idea of the Shopping Channel turning into decent programming in the wee hours.
FlyingToaster, Feb 02 2009

       And why aren't you at the 'bakery late at night, like any self-respecting baker? Bloody tv-watching truants. Don't know what this place is coming to these days.
wagster, Feb 02 2009

       I like the idea since I too am a night owl with 70+ channels on cable, of which only a handful play any programming all night. (My favorite being Animal Planet)   

       I think some stations are catching on because they are having later programming. For instance, Food Network now has real shows on until 2am.   

       I also like the idea of putting the informercials up during the day.   

paix120, Feb 02 2009

       I'd go for a channel with sheep jumping over a fence to Mantovani.
Cedar Park, Feb 03 2009

       But what would InsomniacTV look like? Would it have ambient stuff? Music videos? Reruns of the earlier news programmes?
Alx_xlA, Feb 04 2009


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