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Theory of Subjective Size Perception

Less is more, more or less
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Most people have experienced it. You see your school or house again for the first time in ten or twenty years, and everything is so little; the building is small; the rooms are small. It's the same effect when you grow, which you don't. The rest of the world is really getting smaller. This happens more quickly when we are young since then we are having more fun which makes time go faster. Since time is going faster, the world shrinks at a faster pace giving us the illusion that we are growing quickly. When we get older, the days seem to pass hurriedly causing an apparent growth of the midsection. Instead, the clothes, the chairs and the scales' mechanical parts are getting smaller. So to keep clothes and everything else fitting us, don't have fun and don't "grow" old.
FarmerJohn, May 20 2002


       <Father Ted> These [toy] cows are small. The ones in the field are far away.</Father Ted>
calum, May 20 2002

       I knew it! But this can't occur indefinitely. In a few generations we'll all be ants.
RayfordSteele, May 20 2002

       It's kinda strange, but i've lived in the same village since I was born and everything does seem small. One thing though. i was born in 1978 which, i don't know if you'll remember, was coined the international year of the tree, and the people who designed my legoland estate planted lots and lots of little trees. These have grown at almost exactly the same rate as me - so I can still use all the same handholds, in the same proportions and at the same heights, as I could when i was ickle.   

       everything else, though, is getting smaller. Wish i could somehow fight time compression too. the hour or two between finishing school and having to be home for my tea seemeed like an endless vista of possibility; the six week school holiday panned out for an eternity, but i'll have to stop blathering now or it'll be christmas again.//./
goatfaceKilla, May 21 2002

       It's not how big you are, it's how big you feel.
phoenix, May 21 2002


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