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Memory aid
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A handy piece of elastic with a loop on one end. The loop is hooked over the beginning of a sentence as the speaker starts talking, the spare end can be held by the speaker or by someone else taking part in the conversation. As the sentence or conversation progresses, the elastic pays out. When one or other party forgets what they were talking about, a swift tug on the elastic will bring the start of the conversation back into mind, helpfully avoiding blank-faced embarassment. Available in various strengths - under-5's, over-70's, up-for-3-days, and super-skunk.
special k, Nov 01 2003


       I don't get the joke, sorry
po, Nov 01 2003

       Magic but evokes an interesting mental diagram. I wonder if automatic transcription systems could be used as subject reminders in a conversation.
bristolz, Nov 01 2003

       it just reminds me of the very old aide memoire of a piece of string tied around your finger.
po, Nov 01 2003

       If I perchance to forget something especially energetic, could I send my memory bunjee jumping with this?
Fishrat, Nov 01 2003

       I like the bunjee jumping notion. Perhaps this is why particularly weighty thoughts tend to re-occur.
special k, Nov 01 2003


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