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Thunderbolt jacket

Flash! Boom! - "Yes SIR!"
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There are times in conversation with people when it would be advantageous to be able to stretch out your hand and fire flashes of lightning. Big Van der Graaff generators could be used but are incompatible with a modern office environment.

This idea sugests a simpler approach. As you stretch out your right arm, a switch in your left hand is used to fire a small, heavy projectile from a compressed air gun hidden in your right jacket sleeve. This trails out behind it a long tube of white, lightweight, stretchy fabric - something like a nylon stocking. This is attached to your jacket and as this reaches the limit of its elasticity, three things happen: First a flashgun fires from your jacket sleeve, illuminating the whole tube of fabric from the inside. This is accompanied by a sharp lightning crack sound from speakers concealed in your jacket lapels. Finally, the fabric is released to stop it flicking back at you. After a configurable delay, a rumbling thunder sound is played. The overall effect is that of a streak of lightning.


- "What's the capital of Slovenia?"


- "No, that's the capital of Slovakia - Hang on, isn't it Ljubljana?

"No, I'm sure it's Bratislava"

- "I dunno..."

"It's Bratislava!" <SHAZAM!> <FLASH!> <BOOM!>

- "Uh, OK, it's Bratislava"
hippo, Apr 17 2005

Similar sentiment. Shittoon
But Less technology. Which is not the same as ButLess Technology. [bungston, Apr 18 2005]


       What's the capitol of Poland?   

jaksplat, Apr 17 2005

       shock some and awesome
FarmerJohn, Apr 17 2005

       // There are times in conversation with people when it would be advantageous to be able to stretch out your hand and fire flashes of lightning. //   

       Heretofore I have been not cognizant of this. So I'm going to make a conscious effort to make note of those opportunitues going forward.
waugsqueke, Apr 17 2005

       Thir [hippo] made a coat one day, to emulate the thtorm.
It'th lightening flath, and thunder crath were thure to do no harm.

       Hith co-workerth and employer now paid hith wordth great heed,
for he'd punctuate each point he'd make
with pyrotechnic deed.

       Then came the faithful day when the releathe catch did not work,
and the recoil from the faux bolt thnapped hith head back with a jerk.

       The impact knocked him from hith feet to thprawl the boardroom floor.
Yeth, once he'd held the power of Zeuth...
now he'th jutht tho freaking Thor.

       [2 fries] I am impressed - and strangely moved.
hippo, Apr 18 2005

       Best conversation idea ever (except, of course, for the Tumbleweed Dispenser).
disbomber, Apr 18 2005

       A friend had a pyroflash small enough to conceal in the palm of one's hand. Was remarkably effective, though the overall effect was slightly different (fireball as opposed to lightning).   

       And for the record, it's Ljubljana... flew into there for our honeymoon (Hides from lightning bolt).
david_scothern, Apr 19 2005

       Insert witty bomb joke.
disbomber, Apr 20 2005

       I want one.
Eugene, Apr 20 2005

       I've got one of those pyroflash devices, too. Pity flash paper is so expensive... but anyhow, I'd love one of these too.
Chrontius, Apr 20 2005

       It brings to mind the Wizard Tim from the Holy Grail.
3rdBaseElvis, Apr 21 2005

       make it like the robe the empire from star wars wears and you'll have the ultimate in nerd apparell
i-Mer, Apr 21 2005


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