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UV dye dog food

For luminous turds
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I can provide this UV fluorescent sustenance to the dog, then when looking for the Richard the thirds in the leaves at night I can use a UV torch to detect them.
bhumphrys, Oct 19 2018

I Highly Approve; However if you could could combine your formulary with the <link> below (hint, hint) you would sent oodles of poodle noodles up into the nighttime sky for all to enjoy. Have Your People contact My People -- we'll do lunch... Helium_20Charged_20Dog_20Food
[Grogster, Oct 20 2018]


       Turmeric could work, it contains curcumin which is a modest fluorophore. It also makes it all the way through animals.
bs0u0155, Oct 19 2018

       <link> and Bun! [+]
Grogster, Oct 20 2018

       I'd go for polymer-coated quantum dots - much more fluorescent, indigestible, and available in a vast number of emission wavelengths. With a handheld UV spectrophotometer, and suitable qdot combinations, you should be able to trace the offending canine.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 20 2018

       Is turmeric safe for dogs?
nineteenthly, Oct 21 2018

       Is turmeric safe for cats ?   

       // With a handheld UV spectrophotometer, //   

       ... on the far end of a long stick ...
8th of 7, Oct 21 2018

       // Is turmeric safe for dogs? //   

       Probably safer than quantum dots, at least. I've heard those are quite toxic due to their smallness (a bit like carbon nanotubes and asbestos).
notexactly, Nov 07 2018


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