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Universal Login ID/Info

I remember when I wasn't asked to give info at every site.
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Sure autofill is better than nothing, but cmon. I'd like some constantly running program, applet, browser add on, or just any mechanism, that identifies me to whatever site I want, by selecting one of the "identities", which I created beforehand, from a popup, and then clicking ok. If it's a bullshit site, I can have a bullshit ID. If I'm ordering something, it'll fill it all out with legit info. And the identities would be protected and such. No getting an email to get a password to get back to whatever I wanted to do in the first place. Like an ID/credit card you can virtually swipe.
miggavin, Dec 24 2005

bugmenot.com http://www.bugmenot.com
I use this site all the time. [zen_tom, Dec 25 2005]

Passwod Depot http://www.password-depot.com/
[Jkolmar]'s link, as a link [reensure, Dec 26 2005]


       Hey that's bitchin zen.
miggavin, Dec 25 2005

       *Cough* Keychain... for all you mac people.
Verbose, Dec 25 2005

       I use this program: http://www.password-depot.com/ Works great for just about everything you described
Jkolmar, Dec 25 2005

       If I ever had to disassociate myself from a particular website or company or for whatever reason I decide that I could no longer do business with that company I wouldnt want them to have my universal ID
Jscotty, Dec 27 2005

       two words: Microsoft Passport.
prufrax, Dec 30 2005


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