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virtuaNet World Simulator

shop, play, and chat in a virtual world
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VirtuaNet is a "Virtual Internet." Websites and user skins would be created via 3D, which would open many doors for 3D modelers and texture artists...

the VirtuaNet Simulation Machine, has a belt that you stand on, sortof like a tredmil but it can rotate a complete 360 degrees and can rise and lower if the world model does so... Lightweight virtual googles provide you with the visual experiance and is equipped with a mic which only transmits a certain distance in the Vnet world. vNet gloves allow you to grab and examine objects in the vNet world..(say you went to shoes.Vnet - a virtuaNet webWorld address - you would be able to pick up and look at any shoe available in that WebWorld... The vNet Shoes let the Simulation Machine know when you want to walk or run, movement of the feet is detected and causes the belt to move as you do... Guard rails protect you from falling off the vNet Simulator...

I havent thought about how the vNet system would become active without using the internet, maybe it would need its own orbital satillite but thats kinda extreme...

defenestrat3d, Oct 19 2005


       Benefit of using the internet without all the 3D and sensory deprivation of virtual reality: I rarely need to surf while carrying a barf bag.
reensure, Oct 19 2005

       I already have a lightweight virtual google.
wagster, Oct 19 2005


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