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Mind your head
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A bar stool with fat telescopic legs, rotating handles and a gear system under the seat.

When sat upon the upstool you can turn the two handles on the sides of the seat which in turn rotates the gear system which is attached to the telescopic legs, thus elevating you to your required viewing height, or when fully extended a metre or so up, depending on the fatness of the upstool legs.

Good for being stuck at the back of a packed bar whilst trying to watch a sporting event on the bar's television screen or to have a conversation with someone taller whilst not having to stand up.

skinflaps, Jun 10 2004

A telescopic stool http://www.toolwork...ials/Kinc/stool.jpg
On wheels, too. Yours for $69.95. [angel, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Ah..[angel] the upstool has four telescopic legs.
skinflaps, Jun 10 2004

       No bones from me, sir.
The linked item may be considered proof of concept. It lacks the raising mechanism of your version.
angel, Jun 10 2004


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