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Water Massage Chair

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Take the classic inflatable chair, and install a water pump inside. The pump has several high-pressure nozzles aimed at the seat of the chair. When activated, water is jetted upward. The water falls down the sides of the chair and recirculates.

The jets provide a rather interesting massage, while the translucent plastic allows the workings to be viewed.

Aq_Bi, Feb 03 2005


       Caution with sharp objects in the pockets.
normzone, Feb 03 2005

       my cats would love this, until they got wet that is.   

       now *there's* an idea - a chair that sprays scratching cats.
po, Feb 04 2005

       cute idea; this sounds like it would just be too gentle. more for lulling one to sleep
dentworth, Feb 04 2005

       This isn't just a bidet covered in plastic wrap?
hippo, Feb 04 2005

       How does the chair stay inflated, after you make the holes for the pump nozzles?
robinism, Feb 05 2005

       If the return and discharge lines are sealed where they penetrate the chair, and the water system is fully sealed, no air leaks.   

       If it's made of the same material as the inflatable furniture I've seen, I'm betting this would be a noisy rig.
half, Feb 05 2005


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