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Valved Baggies

Zip lock bags with 1-way valves
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Simple little bubble built into zip lock bags. Looks like a little bubble, has a plastic flap inside that allows air out but not in.

The use? You can now squeeze the air out of a plastic baggie to keep your food item fresh.

Worldgineer, Nov 08 2004

My Lil Vacuum Packer http://www.halfbake...l_20Vacuum_20Packer
Inspired by [contracts]'s dad [Worldgineer, Nov 08 2004]

Ziplock Coffee Bag http://baldmountain.../PROD/ZIPLOCK_SMALL
...with one-way air valve. [thud, Nov 09 2004]

The "Pump-N-Seal" system. http://www.pump-n-seal.com
Check out the "tab-chek" valves. [half, Nov 09 2004]


       Definitely different and a great idea in its own right. [+] Oh, and thanks for giving my pops some credit :-)
contracts, Nov 08 2004

       would this be like the flap (or whatever it is) in beachballs that lets the spit in and keeps it in there, even when the beachball springs a leak from hitting the spikey beach grass and collapses just when you finally got that cute guy from down the street to play ball with you, after trying for 2 summers to get his attention away from yet another bleached blond from out of town.... what was the question?
dentworth, Nov 08 2004

       Yes, or like the little flap in air mattresses that you bring on the romantic camping trip just to find out that the battery-powered inflator you bought doesn't have the right adapter and you have to blow up a seemingly endless volume of mattress with your own lungs and only at the end find out that the thing had a(n unfixable) hole to begin with.
Worldgineer, Nov 08 2004

       It's a good idea, but the coffee industry got there first, I think. (link)
thud, Nov 09 2004

       [thud] and [half]: Very close, but I'm thinking of something intended to be squeezed - no special tools required.
Worldgineer, Nov 09 2004

       [world], that is indeed a sadder story.... so then when you slept err, lay down was there a rock right in the middle of the sleeping bag?
dentworth, Nov 09 2004

       Just related information. The little check valve thingy is kind of what you're talking about. It's an adhesive thing that you stick on a can lid in which you've punched a hole. I'm thinking that your product would be similar.   

       BTW - squeezing the air out might help, but isn't nearly as effective as an actual vacuum packer. Then again, baggies wouldn't cost hundreds of dollars.
half, Nov 09 2004

       [dent] I made it sound worse than it was. With enough duck tape we did make it almost all the way through the night until running out of air. The next day found us at the store buying a new air mattress.   

       [half] Yes, squeezing isn't nearly as effective. But for the extra $0.40 for a box they'd be better than [contracts]'s sucking-on-raw-meat method.
Worldgineer, Nov 09 2004

       You can take his word for that. I hate sucking on raw meat and then having to wash my mouth out with ammonia. It's unpleasant, I'll say that much.
contracts, Nov 09 2004

       Yes, I like this, the valve could be used as a straw in a pinch for liquids.
sartep, Nov 09 2004

       A straw isn't a bad idea. Include a straw in each box that locks into the valve. This can then be used to get even more air out of the bag or to suck out meat raw juice if that's what you're into.
Worldgineer, Nov 09 2004


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