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Weekend paperweights

A wheely ridiculous idea
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Regardless of e-hooha, the weight and bulk of each weekend paper seem to be more than the last weekend. However the elderly and infirm need not hire a taxi to bring their favoured paper home. A local publisher has solved the problem by providing, on request, a fold-out wheeled trolley made of disposable corrugated carton-board. Rumours that a rival publisher is about to provide a battery-driven trolley have been denied as being "... ridiculous nonsense."
rayfo, Nov 07 2000


       Many oldies, including me, look forward to our morning visit to the corner store - we call them dairies here - to buy the paper and perhaps bread or milk. We get friendly nods and chats there, which we can't get [yet] via a screen or from a passing paper deliverer.   

       Malls and supermarkets have certainly eliminated the unfriendly dairy owner. The mommy-daddy survivors are experts in retaining very old and very young customers.   

       And of course the rising cost of car-ownership is forcing some debt-ridden middle-agers to walk to the looal shops, complaining all the way.
rayfo, Nov 08 2000

       Thanks. I look forward to your comments - from a background so different from mine - and yet so much the same.
rayfo, Nov 08 2000


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