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Vernon's Site

A second website for Vernon to post his musings on.
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What seems to be needed is a second website, similar to halfbakery, with slightly different formating. Currently, all of Vernon's posts seem to be so long as to be entirely unreadable on my little crappy monitor. He should try posting that stuff somewhere else so that it can be arranged in such a manner as to be enjoyed by all.
bear, Jul 27 2000

Usenet kooks http://www.crank.net/usenet.html
Dear Vern is not even in the same league as the big boys. Check out some of the masters like Abian or McElwaine. UN-altered REPRODUCTION and DISSEMINATION of this IMPORTANT Information is ENCOURAGED! [rmutt, Jul 27 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       We can each take a turn pretending that we're a ranter.   

       Issues like:   

       - What's up with money?!?   

       - Bloody communists!!   

       - God: Good or Bad
eagle, Jul 27 2000

       I wouldn't mind reading most of it, in a slightly larger font. At this point I'm not going to be reading _anything_ he has posted, and most of the longer ideas here... My glasses broke today. *sigh* Maybe i shoudl kill this idea via editing and turn it into "Larger Fonts for Bakery/2?" BTW, when did we start using the "fashionable" spelling of halfbakery?
bear, Jul 28 2000

       Although Vernon does go on a bit, I'm not very keen on the idea of booting him off of the site just for that. That would be starting down the road of censorship which I don't think any of us really want (or do you?). It's not as if you have to read his stuff if you don't want to, you can just jump back to the demi-bakery home page any time.
DrBob, Jul 30 2000

       I think I'll pass on the offer of a sub-site, thanks. I will also be restricting my future postings to the more technological, and <I> have deleted a couple that weren't. I chose to keep the SoulStuff post because it simply takes ordinary Modern Physics off on a tangent. The Basis for Ethics post also seems to me worth keeping, due to the influence that ethics either has or is supposed to have, on technological activities, among others.   

       This particular place, however (with grin), might be useful for mentioning other people's half-baked notions that I have, um, infested? Just in case someone out there wants to avoid me like the plague, or masochistically wants to subject him/herself to still more wild ideas.   

       Let's see: Nuclear Waste Disposal, Taxpayer Controlled Budget, Anti-Earthquake Foam. So far.
Vernon, Jul 30 2000

       I don't think Vernon should be booted either, especially in light of the above post...   

       I've used '.5bakery' for a while, rather than 'bakery divided by 2'...   

       IE 5 and Netscape 4mumble both have 'increase font' options. Look in the 'view' menus.   

       We now return you to 'Bubbles in the Stream of Consciousness' Theatre...
StarChaser, Jul 30 2000

       Hi, rmutt:   

       I confess to having no interest in promoting wild ideas as if they were unvarnished Truth. I try to label my speculations as speculations, unlike the hard-boiled cranks.
Vernon, Aug 16 2000

       I think vernon has valid points.
baby_steffee, Apr 03 2001

       bear: What browser are your using? Most of them have a means of enlarging the font. In Explorer it's View->Text Size.
nick_n_uit, Apr 04 2001

       baby_steffee: What browser are you using? All of the ones I've tried render Vernon's text as pseudoscience. Is there a checkbox in the IE configuration somewhere?
Monkfish, Apr 05 2001

       UnaBubba: What browser are you using? The thick fur option appears to be disabled on mine.
Lemon, Apr 05 2001


       People voted + for this.
skinflaps, Jan 31 2006

       You've got to wonder which way the man in question voted.
hidden truths, Jan 31 2006

       [hidden truths], OK I will confess. Let this Truth be hidden no more. In my years here at the HalfBakery, I have cast a grand total of ZERO votes. Instead I have let my annotations reveal my opinions (and I haven't felt obliged, per fairness-in-voting, to wade through every single Idea here).
Vernon, Jan 31 2006

       OO00oo.... Hmmm. Interesting.
DesertFox, Jan 31 2006


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