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Well, this stinks

See my profile page
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In case you're all wondering why a lot of comment threads suddenly look like Swiss cheese. Don't ask me how it happened, I'm completely at a loss, but Jutta seems to have worked out at least the how (if not the why) of it.
21 Quest, Jan 20 2015

Account snapshot link Account_20snapshot_20link
Prior Art [8th of 7, Jan 20 2015]

Soup Dragon http://www.youtube....watch?v=g0Z-osYodF8
The all seeing, all knowing, entirely wonderful soup dragon (I can't check if this link works, so let me know) [xenzag, Jan 21 2015]


MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 20 2015

       Personally, I suspect ISIS sympathizers who didn't think very highly of my 'Mock the Prophet Day' idea.
21 Quest, Jan 20 2015

       A new member! Welcome to the hb! But please read the 'help' file etc. etc.   

       //Uh-oh// as in ''who's next?''
pocmloc, Jan 20 2015

       yikes! The Invisible Man?
xandram, Jan 20 2015

       I'm more interested in the who than the how. I hate swiss cheese on the bakery.
RayfordSteele, Jan 20 2015


       See, this is why we can't have nice things.   

       ISIS sympathizers, thank you for leaving the rest of the Halfbakery intact, and 21 Quest himself intactish, so far. Very precise of you.
bungston, Jan 20 2015

       Well, at least you put THIS idea in an appropriate category. Everything else is negotiable ;-)
normzone, Jan 20 2015

       Took me 9 years to post, if I recall, over 400 ideas. Well, I'm not going anywhere and, I hope, the HB isn't going anywhere, and I've got a lot more than 10 years left in me to make up for the loss.
21 Quest, Jan 20 2015

       //The why is covered by you being an arse sometimes// Careful - arsedom applies to many of us here.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 20 2015


       Webripper is pretty good at harvesting pages, however tacing down all a user's annos would be more of a challenge.
8th of 7, Jan 20 2015

       Noticed that yesterday: thought you'd done a runner.   

       //ISIS sympathizers//
It might well have been. The world's loss: looking forward to some remakes.
FlyingToaster, Jan 20 2015

       I recommend vigorous usage of the Wayback Machine.
RayfordSteele, Jan 20 2015

       Trying. It's going to take some time. Jutta said she's confident she can get back at least some pieces of my former account, although votes (and, most importantly, comments) are a lot less likely.
21 Quest, Jan 20 2015

       Any indication of what caused it?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 20 2015

       Coming from a reformed deleter, I can feel your pain. But wow, 400 ideas is a lot to regain. I would miss your former annos, too.
blissmiss, Jan 20 2015

       Welcome back, 21 Quest!   

       We should thwart the foul player by lavishing attention on 21 Quest. For my part, I will recreate, in an accelerated format, my relationship with 21Q over the past 9 years. I am particularly looking forward to switching between giving both barrels and then flirting outrageously.
calum, Jan 20 2015

       viz. 21 Quest you are a grade A dobber, I love you come give me a kiss you great big bell end, your eyes are beautiful.
calum, Jan 20 2015

       Apparently, it was either a total accident caused by cookie caching or something like that, or a hacker who was either incompetent to cover his tracks or didn't care if he gets found out.
21 Quest, Jan 20 2015

       3.7 ideas a month for nine years? I'm with [calum] - you have beautiful eyes.
normzone, Jan 20 2015

       A serious loss. Wish I could help.
Voice, Jan 21 2015

       Huh. And here I had just removed [21Quest] from my "filtered" list.   

       Now I gotta decide whether I want to un-filter [Vernon]...
lurch, Jan 21 2015

       If this happens to Vernon's account, it'll probably free up several TB of hard-disk... Sorry for your loss, 21_Quest.
Ling, Jan 21 2015

       Anyone want to buy a "Je Suis [21Quest]" T-shirt ?
8th of 7, Jan 21 2015

       There aren't any backups? Well, huh.
ytk, Jan 21 2015

       We have backups of all our stuff … the problem is the annos.
8th of 7, Jan 21 2015

       :/ I'll guess I'll ping jutter to send me backups again... this is getting me paranoid.
mofosyne, Jan 21 2015

       I meant on the server side. I thought it was all backed up in case of a(nother) disk crash or something. Guess not.
ytk, Jan 21 2015

       Would it be possible to roll back the complete HB to the backup immediately prior to the lost a/c and lose the last few days of recent activity? If it saves 9 years and 400 ideas, I'm sure most would agree to make a little donation by way of a couple of lost ideas/annos.
Ling, Jan 21 2015

       Compte mois dans.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 21 2015

       Ditto. It's been a bit quiet here recently, anyway.
pertinax, Jan 21 2015

       Oh, how amusing! It would be nice to think that someone takes us this seriously. I feel so proud! It's tempting to leap to that conclusion isn't it!

But it 'could' just be a technical hiccup though; correlation not causation and all that, so let's await further info.
DrBob, Jan 21 2015

       "I'm 21 Quest" (with apologies to Spartacus)   

       I have print outs of all of my ideas, but it's not the same of course. The loss of annotation etc is dreadful. I hope it all can come back and trust in the bakery soup dragon to make it happen.
xenzag, Jan 21 2015

       //Would it be possible to roll back the complete HB to the backup immediately prior to the lost a/c and lose the last few days of recent activity? If it saves 9 years and 400 ideas, I'm sure most would agree to make a little donation by way of a couple of lost ideas/annos.// .
FlyingToaster, Jan 21 2015

       Fully on board with that approach, though of course that counts for hee haw when I haven't posted anything for weeks.
calum, Jan 21 2015

       Don't worry, [cal], no-one noticed …
8th of 7, Jan 21 2015

       //I have print outs of all of my ideas//   

       You've got 985 ideas on HB and probably a few that have been deleted; That's a lot of paper! We should celebrate when you reach 1000 ideas.
xaviergisz, Jan 21 2015

       The last week or so, I've got "Beanie Drone", there mostly because I forgot to do a prior art search, and "Blanket Pup Tent" (or whatever it is), easy enough to schlep up again... maybe I'll get some buns for it this time. No skin off my arse.   

       That's assuming the HB is on the formal corporate server list for system backup (I've had the impression that [her nibs] runs an ephemeral stream log for her own perusal but it isn't a backup).
FlyingToaster, Jan 21 2015

       " I have printouts of all my ideas "   

       Why, do you need to build a wall or something?   

       I would regret losing my contributions (such as they are) to this place, but I'm more of a live performance guy, and less of a " this is my legacy " person.
normzone, Jan 21 2015

       Since the crash of 04 I like to make hard copies of some of my ideas.   

       // But it 'could' just be a technical hiccup //   

       No, it's pretty certain to be a well-planned sneak attack by Japanese Imperial hackers.   

       That's why the Americans didn't see it coming (as usual).
8th of 7, Jan 21 2015

       Maybe my imagination, but wasn't there an annotation on 'the idea' that said "Delete the account, or the croissant gets it!"?
Ling, Jan 22 2015

       Some of it will be on the Wayback Machine. Anyway, sorry to hear about this.
nineteenthly, Jan 22 2015

       After resurrection, shouldn't the user id increment to "22 Quest"?
hippo, Jan 22 2015

       Obviously some collateral damage from MS trying out Windows 10, and I quote   

       "It revealed Nasa was already working with the kit, and said the US space agency hoped to start controlling its Mars rovers with a prototype version as soon as July."   

       Oh well, there goes the Mars Rover project...sympathy to 21, I lost some work when I deleted an old account, but most of mine is expendable anyway.
not_morrison_rm, Jan 22 2015

       Something mysterious about the way [hippo] always jumps to the number 2. I think it's very compelling.
blissmiss, Jan 22 2015

       Woohoo! (Take a look at my account now)
21 Quest, Jan 25 2015

       Obviously a fake, probably from the parties that hacked the original account. [21] would never have created so many lame ideas, he's better than that.
normzone, Jan 26 2015

       I agree, in my current enlightened state I would never, but you see most of those ideas were dreamt up while I was still foundering in agnosticism. It was only after I fully rejected the Lord Jesus Christ Our Savior from my life that I truly began to Think.
21 Quest, Jan 26 2015

       // I truly began to Think //   

       That's not necessarily a good thing …   


       "[21Quest], return to the bomb bay !"   

8th of 7, Jan 26 2015

       <rebuns Necrophiliostitution>
FlyingToaster, Jan 26 2015

       Goodness me! You came up with that many new ideas in one night! That is very creative of you!
pocmloc, Jan 26 2015

       Excellent news!
calum, Jan 26 2015

       So many bones to give! So many buns!
Voice, Jan 26 2015

       Indeed, excellent news! (and I don't understand [blissmiss]'s latest annotation at all)
hippo, Jan 26 2015

       I'm glad to see it's fixed.
Loris, Jan 26 2015

       Oh wait hippo, it wasn't you who created 2 cups of coffee,oh my...my memory is disintegrating right before your eyes. Oh no. Please forgive my forgetfulness.   

       Yay, 21's ideas are back. I vote one + for all of them, just because he's been through hell. Yay.
blissmiss, Jan 26 2015

       Ah right, yes - not me.
hippo, Jan 26 2015


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