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Who was I kidding?

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Who was I kidding? Shit, it's been, what, 3 days? I can't stay away. I've already started having fits of withdrawal. Just so's y'all know, I'm here for good. This has been the one place that has (against all odds) kept me sane, if I'm gonna get out of this pothole on the road of life, and I'm determined to, it ain't gonna work by stifling my creativity. So. Sorry 'bout the false alarm, didn't mean to worry you. I was heavily into my cups when I typed it, and not in a right state of mind. I locked up all the alcohol in a storage unit I've been renting about 30 miles away, so I can't get to it so easily. Would've thrown it all away, but that would've been such a waste... and once I've gotten back on my feet it'll be waiting there to celebrate!
21 Quest, Oct 29 2007


       [21], I was out of town for a long weekend. I didn't even know you were gone, so I can't say I missed you at all. But I'm glad you're back.
baconbrain, Oct 29 2007

       Alright! Like I said, toss the alcohol and come back whenever you want to! The Bakery is awesome for shooting off ideas and getting some stability. If you get the urge to drink, just remember some of the disasterous alcohol ideas here. Did you read the annos on your "Taking a Break" idea? Definitely spirit-lifting. Anyway, welcome back! Hope this time's for good.

       P.S. This is possibly your best idea ever. +
Shadow Phoenix, Oct 29 2007

       Yeah... don't go, your uber cool. You inspired my first idea and motivated me to be active in this community.
rascalraidex, Oct 29 2007

       "Don't drink and bake"

       If anyone gets that quote I will be amazed. <clue>He is famous for another phrase that relates to [21 Quest]'s previous message.</clue>
marklar, Oct 30 2007

       Que viva el [21]!
methinksnot, Oct 30 2007

       Well, I was out of town for a few days and I WAS worried about you. I have a good mind to give you a giant fishbone for making me worry like that! On the other hand, I'm glad you are back and safe and sometimes we all need to just *get it out*. I was going to send you an email, but this will do. {hug}
xandram, Oct 31 2007

       Well, I missed all the excitement!
Did you have a bit of a wobbly do, [Questy], me old luv? Glad to hear your crisis is over or at least postponed for the tb. Though, reading that drunken baking idea, I really don't think you sound like you have a booze problem. One drink a night doesn't count as a lot in anyones book apart from militant teetotalers. And they, like their alcoholic counterparts, are not to be listened to on the niceties of drinking.
squeak, Oct 31 2007

       Thanks. It's not fun being away from this place for any length of time... I'm afraid I'm quite strongly addicted to the Halfbakery. I CANNOT quit any time I want to, but why would I want to?
21 Quest, Nov 01 2007

       [jtp] <hug>

       a *little* of what you fancy does you good!
po, Nov 02 2007

       i'm pleased to see ya. :)

       and the long delay in response to your email has to do with my own events, as you know, not your lack of responsitivty, or responsibleness, or resposition or something.
k_sra, Nov 02 2007


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