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Vibration table mouse ouija

Just so.
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There are a lot of ouija board ideas on the half bakery! This one is very simple. A vibration table of the sort used to play vibration table football is set vibrating. Instead of football players (or in addition to football players) wireless mouses are placed on the board. The mice bump around into each other and the football players, if there are any. The screens corresponding to the mice have letters which light up if the mouse cursor traverses them. The computer keeps track of what letters light up, which is nice if things go slowly or one must step away for a time.

This concept can easily be adapted to Bad Shocks Mouse Ouija, in which the bad shocks in question are not delivered to anyone, but are part of a pickup truck being driven at speed.

bungston, Jan 22 2013


       Mouses, football, screens, letters, electro-shock and a pickup truck ?   

       Just say no. The spirits say. Apparently.
bigsleep, Jan 24 2013


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