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Virtual LP

3d laser scanned LP Record player system.
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Scan your records with your LP 3d laser scanner. The resulting file can be viewed as an image, you can "Photoshop" out dust and scratches, and then play them with a virtual turntable, with a virtual needle. You also will have a CAD file with which a new LP can be generated, Although the equipment for that might be way too expensive.

Of course this has no practical purpose but nostalgia on your hard drive, just seems cool if it can be done. A different twist on digital meets analog.

n81641, Dec 22 2008

Optical Record Player Optical_20Record_20Player
[Amos Kito, Dec 22 2008]

Laser LP Record Player http://www.elpj.com/
[MisterQED, Dec 22 2008]


       You're probably aware of flatbed scanning LPs and converting them to sound files. This goes the extra mile, so [+].
nineteenthly, Dec 22 2008

       kingston_trio.lp 1.2Gb
n81641, Dec 22 2008

       what [nineteenthly] said
FlyingToaster, Dec 22 2008

       Yes, the main part of the idea is that the stored .lp file be an image, or CAD file, or some hybrid. The premise is that there's a whole lot more to a vinyl recording than just the sound. Same thing the ELP folks in Japan say (from link).
n81641, Dec 22 2008

       Baked. You can follow [Amos Kito]'s link to the next link, but to save a click I posted it here also.
MisterQED, Dec 22 2008


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