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Wireless mp3 player

no wires, no little boxes, just earphones
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I'd like to see an earphone that you could save music to. Something i can just plug in my ear and push play. it could realisticly be the size of those bluetooth hands free things you get for mobile phones, Thats all good and well if you want to listen to mono sound but a second earphone could be added, it should be smaller than the main mp3 memory ear phone so there's not too much weight. the other earphone could be connected by bluetooth.

And if like me earphones just bother you and you'd rather just have a good set of earphones this would be very "doable". It would make connecting the phones together easeier as you could put a wire though the over-the-head-bit.

but why stop there. A little controll panel on one earphone is going to be annoying, so an additional bluetooth controll can be added as well as the little buttons

and if you really want to go to town you could also add:

hands free kit(for phone you would also need a plug in mic)

bluetooth earphones(you allready get these but's it's a nice addtion)

Regular earphones( this could be done with a seperate wire or a blue tooth device that plugs into the earphone hole)

anything you can think of( compas, fork, knife, light, lighter (okay these are a bit silly but hey, extra gadets are allways fun))

Okay so that last point was pointless but I like the idea

What do you think?

balloon, Nov 30 2006

I think it's been done http://www.iwantone...adphones/index.html
[fridge duck, Nov 30 2006]


       Ipod shuffle is pretty small and un obtrusive.
Chefboyrbored, Nov 30 2006

       yeah but i was thinking of a sort of in ear Ipod shuffle
balloon, Nov 30 2006

       You could clip an Ipod shuffle to your ear.
Chefboyrbored, Dec 01 2006

       and funny noses.
Zimmy, Dec 01 2006


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