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Virtual Secretary

Sub contract secretarial work
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In any given day there must be millions of computer literate intelligent workers with internet access who are idle at work (look at the popularity of this website for starters)

If we could pool some of this talent so that should a small business require some data processing or other routine no experience required work he would simply post the work to a website. Any interested idle workers, non workers would simply log on and retrieve the offered work and when complete return it to the business.

The worker would be paid for his time and the business would have the mundane work done without employing another member of staff.

a ratings system would be implemented so that good workers could be recognised.

waynetta, Aug 10 2003

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       I don't know of anyone doing this in the P2P/volunteer form proposed here, but there are businesses that provide this as a service. You call a toll-free number and dictate your appointments, or a letter, or whatever. If you call from your own phone, it automatically recognizes you from your caller ID. What you dictate gets keyed in by a worker you never meet, usually in India. Then next time you are at your PC you run a special sync program that downloads the material into your contact manager, etc.
krelnik, Aug 10 2003


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