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Warming Plate

Keep your food warm while eating
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While living in Europe I enjoyed many looonnng meals. One drawback was that meals would eventually get cold. If a warming plate were inset into the table onto which your plate would rest it would enable your meal to stay hot while you ate.
partouzard, Apr 25 2006

Hot plate http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hot_plate
Just keep on low and your food mafgically stays warm [DesertFox, Apr 25 2006]


       Chafing dishes not good enough for you?
DrCurry, Apr 25 2006

       There are some place where the plates are put onto a heated table and are continued to be warmed all of the time. Be carfull not to burn yourself, ouch!
thepowerofone, Apr 25 2006

       Taken to extremes, this would be a teppan bar.
normzone, Apr 25 2006

       I can see these at resteraunts, or built into tables for the home. The meal would be lockes into place to avoid burning oneself. to go to an extreme the platr could be temperature controlled for personal preference. Wouldnt you like hot sizzling fajitas for the entire meal. you would regulate your own meal.
partouzard, Apr 25 2006


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