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Wreck Aurant

Smash it up then dine on fine cuisine
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The first step and process to the Wreck Aurant is to salvage a medium sized merchant sea vessel and dock it.

The second stage involves employing a team of wreckage crew equipped with sledgehammers and a variety of industrial pneumatic equipment. The crew now have two weeks to do as much damage as possible to the interior of the ship by smashing the hell out of it, whilst not removing any demolitioned architecture from the ship.

The third stage involves moving in the industrial interior designers to work around the debris and twisted metal to create aesthetics of the interior by removing and reshaping sharp edges and creating furniture, lighting, kitchens, a large industrial dance floor within the cargo area and so on.

Once complete, open the dock gates and hold a opening party with fine wine and cuisine, maybe hire dancers bopping to the Dammed.

skinflaps, Jul 12 2004

(?) Tuxedo Princess http://www.maritime...XEDO%20PRINCESS.htm
[angel, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       I can offer you a nightclub in a converted ferry (linky). No guarantee of fine wine (or fine anything actually) as it's in Newcastle upon Tyne.
angel, Jul 12 2004

       Next up, the bistro in a burned-out bomb shelter.
DrCurry, Jul 12 2004

       I'd rather knock back Chardonnay whilst swinging on a chained girder.
skinflaps, Jul 12 2004

       Having scuba'ed on a few good wrecks, I was expecting something else, but this is [gasp!] a pun ! (Ok, maybe technically a play on words)
normzone, Jul 12 2004


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