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Weatherman Hurricane Ball

Getting you even closer to the news when it happens.
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One thing's for sure during hurricane season, local weathermen from across the nation look to impress their friends, viewers, and future bosses with live shots of themselves in severe weather conditions. Sure, you could be one of a countless number before you to put on your new raingear and struggle to stand and speak in gale force winds. Or you could get in the action like never before.

The Weatherman Hurricane Ball or "H-Ball" is simply put-- a hamster cage for weathermen. Climb inside, lock the hatch, throw yourself into the ocean, and report like no other weatherman before you.

Oxygen and tethering line not included. News Cameraman Ball also available.

valdezatron, Sep 17 2003


       Are there floats on this huge wire cage you are throwing in the ocean, or are you proposin' we make dem weatherpersons there 'sleep with the fishes'?
Cedar Park, Sep 18 2003


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