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The Daily Bird

A new news show for us lovers of all things finely feathered.
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I would love to wake up and flip on the t.v. and hear the daily bird cast. With an update of yesterdays sightings, and tomorrows possibilities. A short chirp of what to expect in your area that day.

A map of what birds are in migration that time of year, and who has, sadly, already passed by, the day before. Predictions for the 7 days activity forecasts would be lovely too.

Just a 2 minute spot, for the millions and trillions of us who love to bird. (and no, no birds that are "trophies" would be discussed. So that hunters or other evil doers could get a leg up on the little dears.)

Sponsored by field glasses or bird caller sales, I think it would be a huge rating boost for many news shows.

blissmiss, Nov 19 2009

YouTube Channel: BNN - Bird News Network http://www.youtube....So8&feature=channel
Not a forecast, more a general news and observation channel controlled by the American Bird Conservancy. [jutta, Nov 19 2009]

New Jersey daily forecast http://www.woodcreeper.com/
Tracking bird migration with radar. [jutta, Nov 19 2009]

Newsmap Lite: Britain http://www.rarebird...ata/newsmaplite.asp
A google maps/user-submitted bird photo mash-up focusing on sightings of rare birds. [jutta, Nov 19 2009]

Give me the bird! http://www.birdwatchradio.com/
[outloud, Nov 19 2009]

autumn watch http://www.bbc.co.uk/autumnwatch/
[po, Nov 19 2009]

Aves http://www.filebuzz...rd_Watcher_Log.html
[outloud, Nov 19 2009]

Rancho Ornithos http://www.ornithos...?page=observatorio2
Streaming webcam in the Brazilian rainforest. Easily the best one I've seen. [DrBob, Nov 19 2009]

This one does it for me - http://isobael-falc..._11_01_archive.html
The never-ending adventure of training a kestrel [normzone, Nov 21 2009]


       Yes jutta, I searched too, sure there was something like this somewhere, but there isn't. I want local news, daily, everyday, not just of migration patterns, but of what is in the neighborhood, on any given day of the year.   

       Neighbors could send in amateur photos or video, and such.
blissmiss, Nov 19 2009

       Swarms are cool, and the equipment for weather prediction and detecting swarms of migratory birds overlaps - I'd like it if the weather report pointed out who's taking off or landing whenever appropriate. It would make life more fun.   

       But that's the extent of what you might get out of a commercial network; the niche programming you want beyond that would be too expensive, I think. (That doesn't take away from the idea, but that's why this doesn't exist. Neither birders nor the field glass industry are that rich.) Website, maybe. Youtube channel, definitely.   

       [I don't think any of the links actually implement what you describe, but they do illustrate some aspects you're talking about.]
jutta, Nov 19 2009

       Any bird lover/watcher would jump on this idea. A great way to start the day. How can I give this more than one *?...........Link
outloud, Nov 19 2009

       not really what you are after, blissy but you'd love the BBC's Autumn Watch and Spring Watch.   

       Autumn Watch has been on t.v. each friday for 8 weeks this autumn and SpringWatch is generally on each evening for two weeks.   

       they put up live webcams as well in the spring and have discussion forums.
po, Nov 19 2009

       Having read on one of the links that birding might be Americas number one outdoor activity, I think there just might be sponsors who might stand to earn a few dollars, especially if you think bird houses and bird food sellers too. (Thanks for all the feedback. I would love to be the first bird caster, if any news channel execs are reading...hahaha...fat chance, peep, peep.)
blissmiss, Nov 19 2009

       //squirrels, rabbits, and deer//, //aviation industry//
The Roadkill Register
FlyingToaster, Nov 19 2009

       + I like it for me and my peeps!
xandram, Nov 19 2009

       //millions and trillions of us who love to bird.//
Why, yes, only this morning I gave that other driver...oh. I'll get me coat.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Nov 19 2009

       Suddenly, cats seem like a Good Thing. This is very worrying ...
8th of 7, Nov 19 2009


       I'd like to see Sarah Palin with a different plastic toy wedged in her mouth each day, starting with a banana.
xenzag, Nov 20 2009

       Phew. I'm glad that anno turned out to be suitable for a family show...
Jinbish, Nov 20 2009

       Hahahahahaha...jinbish, hahahahhahahah...but xennie, hags aren't considered birds are they?
blissmiss, Nov 20 2009

       // plastic toy wedged in her mouth each day //   

       Would you take the previous day's toy out, or just force another one in ? It makes no difference, we're just curious.
8th of 7, Nov 20 2009

       I think it's best of she swallows each one... they could have long strings on them so that they could be eventually retrieved.   

       I wonder how easy it would be to train her to jump up and snap the toy from a dangling hook?
xenzag, Nov 20 2009

       is that live [DrBob]? thats amazong.   

       typo left as it amused me.
po, Nov 21 2009

       //dangling hook?//   

       Impalin' Palin?
shudderprose, Nov 21 2009

       this is a good idea, do you have to bring politics in?
dentworth, Nov 21 2009

       That would be my doing. There are politics in everything. Vote Fundamental Particle!
xenzag, Nov 21 2009

       's okay, [denty], I think it's because we are all tiring of the ridiculous media coverage Palin is getting as of late. Too much, wayyyyy too much. And sense this is for a TV news show, I guess it is relevant.   

       And thank you for the compliment.
blissmiss, Nov 21 2009

       //TV show// "Squawk! Watch The Birdie!"
FlyingToaster, Nov 21 2009

       po, as far as I can tell. yes. Quite spectacular really.
DrBob, Nov 22 2009

       Great link, oh master Bob. My claire nearly lept off the bed in delight from seeing a feeder full of birdies.
blissmiss, Nov 22 2009

       have you noticed how the birds seem to favour centre stage? do they know do you fink?
po, Nov 22 2009

       the tin is very slightly tilted and so the right hand side is a tad nearer the birds beaks. waiting for a bird to eat a fly that are also partaking some fluid refreshment. I like the birds that can drink whilst hovering over the water.
po, Nov 22 2009

       Ya know I was just thinking that the map that the forecaster could use, could possibly be the same one the weatherman uses, with just a few alterations.   

       Maybe a larger square for local sitings of a certain rare bird. With a stick pointer, the birdwoman could point out directly where that [insert-rare-bird-name-here], was actually spotted. And which way he was headed.
blissmiss, Nov 22 2009

       //where that [insert-rare-bird-name-here], was actually spotted.//   

       This could work as well (although paradoxically, not *as* well) for fish.   

       <Max Bygrave> I want to tell you a story </Max Bygrave>   

       About 15 years ago, I was fishing in Cumbria (yes, the Cumbria that's in the news currently because most of it is under water) and I caught a small silver fish with a blue stripe down its side. Actually I caught several of them.   

       I'd never seen anything like it before, so I took a picture before returning it to the lake. Later, I showed the picture to the fishing authorities, and they told me it was a Cumberland Vendace, a rare ice age fish that was known to inhabit only two lakes in the area (Bassenthwaite & Derwentwater). I was fishing in neither.   

       I swelled with pride when they told me that they'd have to update the record books (not that I'd broken a record, only that the fish had been discovered elsewhere).   

       I'd forgotten all about it until reading this idea and I'm a bit put out now, because I've just googled it, and it looks like they didn't update the record books after all.   

       Anyway, I still think this could work for other species than birds (and not just fish), so bun.
jtp, Nov 23 2009


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