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Wheely Wheely Fun

A specially designed ride for people in wheelchairs
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My Mums friend recently suffered a very bad leg/hip operation (because she was mugged) she put a fight and was injured in the process and is now in a wheelchair. We are planning to go to a Theme Park and she would love to go on some of the rides I think. But because of her wheelchair she can't. I was thinking that if there was a specially designed ride to fit them that would be great. The wheel chair would be rolled onto two yellow lines, the mechanisms of the ride would gently come down from above and clamp on to the chair. Once secured people in wheelchairs could enjoy rides at the theme park along with everyone else.
gizmo, Apr 06 2002

Not the same, but similar http://www.halfbake..._20Amusement_20Park
[Canuck, Apr 11 2002]



       I imagine this could also be extended to most other fairground rides also. Perhaps, instead of building a whole new rollercoaster, just modify the old ones to function for the handicapped.
Pseudonym #3, Apr 06 2002

       Would be better to create special cars for them with seats, rather than use the wheelchairs themselves. A lot of variation in wheelchair design, and they're not intended to take a lot of stress. If one collapsed at the bottom of a loop and flang someone out it'd go badly...   

       Either have special wheelchairs designed for this available for use at the park, or have a larger car with seats to allow handicapped people to use them more easily...
StarChaser, Apr 06 2002

       It would also have a seat next to the wheel chair so someone could sit next to them.
gizmo, Apr 06 2002

       Steven Hawking's Universe - Upside Down
thumbwax, Apr 07 2002

       I like Starchaser's idea of robust, uniform wheelchairs provided by the park. Then you could even have a ride designed to use the wheelchairs themselves as the vehicle. A ride for the wheelchair-bound only.
beauxeault, Apr 07 2002

       Does she have to stay *in* the wheelchair? My brother-in-law had to have his right leg amputated after an accident some years ago. Now we take him to the amusement park so we can go straight to the front of the line. We usually get to ride twice without getting off, too. Small comfort for missing a leg, but you gotta take what you can get.
phoenix, Apr 07 2002

       I told a bit of a lie, sorry. My mums friend is also 7 months pregnant so she wouldn't be able to go on a roller coaster anyway, I just thought it might be a nice idea for preople who are usually in a wheelchair and can't get out easily.
gizmo, Apr 08 2002

       UnaBubba, that's so rude! the third one especially. I know you're being silly but I hope no-one else thinks it's offensive..
sappho, Apr 08 2002

       "If you're gonna play in Texas, ya gotta have a cripple in the band"
A friend of mine who plays harmonica professionally has Palsy & he loves it when I sing that.
thumbwax, Apr 09 2002

       Great idea Giz
atomic point dexter, Apr 09 2002

       are you copying me
gizmo, Apr 10 2002

       are you copying me.
atomic point dexter, Apr 10 2002

       ¯gizmo: Someone want to sit next to the wheelchair? Probably the same guy whose friend always spills soup when rising from a table -- the first one to be flang on!
reensure, Apr 11 2002

       Hope you like the flaky kind, gizmo. However, this sounds a little familiar - see link - so I can only give a half-croissant.   

       I can hear all the lawyers salivating over this one!
Canuck, Apr 11 2002


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