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Wifi Shredder

To be left inconspicuously around the office
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This magnificent item scans each document as it is shredded and sends two copies of it to every networked printer it can find.

Hilarity ensues as your bewildered colleagues and co-workers desperately try to fight the resulting Hydra-esque proliferation of sensitive information.

mitxela, May 23 2013


       [+] (aside) Last year shredded police documents were used as confetti for NYC's New Year's festivites!! haha
xandram, May 24 2013

       I am always suspicious of shredders for this very reason. You just don’t know where the scanned image of your secret document is being sent to.
pocmloc, May 24 2013

       I have, on occasion, scanned a document, randomized all the pixels in the scan, and thrown the document in the trash.   

       [21] - if you don't see the scanner head, does that mean there isn't one, or that they've done a good job of hiding it? (not sure what order to close my <humor> and <paranoia> tags)
lurch, May 24 2013

       But beware the imperfect Asian copy, where the document scanner is installed on the wrong side of the shredder, therefore sending perfect printouts, in class-leading resolution, of strings of paper.
Ling, May 25 2013

       //Most// Q.E.D.
pocmloc, May 25 2013

       //Most shredders *don't* have a scanner//   

       That's what they _want_ you to think.
Wrongfellow, May 25 2013


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