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Wobbly catalytic converter reaches activity temperatures rapidly

Catalytic converters are at peak effectiveness when they warm up; we use a shape memory nozzle gasket to direct all the warm exhaust at a particular area until the catalytic converter is fully functional
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I read that during the 20th century catalytic converters had to warm up prior to functioning effectively; that matters as most ordinary commutes had the catalytic converter fully functioning after half or a third of the commute occurred

I think that directing the vehicle exhaust to just one area or with a wobbly nozzle a circle perimeter would rapidly warm a particular area of catalyst making it rapidly effective during the first minute

Then as the nozzle gasket gradually warms to active catalysis temperature it goes to the full area coverage shape

basically its a way to get the catalytic converter working during the first minute rather than waiting until half or a third of a commute has elapsed

also the nozzle directed rapidly warming area has a wider range of possible chemical catalysts some of which might be cheaper

Combining this idea with using a magnetic coin squasher to make ultraflat catalyst particles could make catalytic converters 20 to 40 times cheaper as (a third to twice as effecitive with area warming Times ten or twenty times the surface area per particle) 20 to 40 times as effective That goes well with catalytic converters keeping the air of the developing world clean

beanangel, Jun 22 2010

making super high surface area microparticles with a magnetic pulse Electromagnetic_20c...20doing_20chemistry
[beanangel, Jun 22 2010]

Carbide and Carbon Building, Chicago http://farm4.static...1046_2377bc2e61.jpg
That gold stuff is gold. But if you take some, the Eye will see you. [bungston, Jun 23 2010]

Early exhaust buffering system http://www.buickclu...db8d804214b4db0.jpg
[MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 23 2010]


       I find it amazing that you're able to write whole ideas without ever using the word and, and sad that certain intolerant individuals harangued you into such a practice. As for the idea, bun.
Voice, Jun 22 2010

       The focussed-warming idea sounds good to me. However, I also suspect that normal converters do this anyway to an extent, because the area near the inlet will warm up faster than that near the outlet. But a tentative [+]   

       On the ultraflat catalyst particles - what are the dimensions of the particles in existing converters? Are the particles composed entirely of the expensive catalyst, or are they just coated therewith?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 22 2010

       [Voice], would that mean paragraph breaks? Because I could actually read this, and did.   

       Early exhaust tends to be moisture-laden, so you'd need to address that issue.
normzone, Jun 22 2010

       I like it. My (German) car has a weird system of limiting the transmission to 2nd gear until the cat heats up. The engine must rev higher and thus heats up the exhaust system faster. But it's really annoying because I can't go faster than 30 for the first couple minutes of my drive.
DIYMatt, Jun 23 2010

       Not a bad idea as , if stated, it is not already an 'out of the box feature'.
I also give an approving nod to the introduction of a punctuation mark. It worked. YOu could sneak a couple more in next time.
gnomethang, Jun 23 2010

       Since catalytic converters are largely a well engineered scam, anything which improves public perception of the device helps to perpetuate the scam. (-)   

       For those who are now shouting at me via the monitor: A catalytic converter, when up to working temperature, will reduce the proportions of CO, NOx and CHx in the exhaust gas. The problem is, as stated by Beanangel, that they don't get up to working temperature for some time, up to thirty minutes at 20°C ambient in the larger units, longer in colder weather. In an average UK car journey of about 8 miles, the device will never reach operating temperature. During this time, it will restric exhaust flow, leading to increased fuel consumption. It will also become contaminated with deposits of unburnt CHx, reducing it's effectiveness on those occasions when it can warm up. Emissions tests are carried out with engines fully warmed up. I have had to wait 20 minutes for my car to get warm enough to test at the MOT. It is distorted data such as these tests which are used to convince government to adopt specific testing procedures to suit specific devices, al dependent upon the power of lobby groups.   

       Rant over.
Twizz, Jun 23 2010

       Heating with exhaust seems inefficient. Why not actively heat with wires, akin to what is done with a window defroster?   

       The magnetic coin squasher add on is interesting. Given the expense of the metal catalysts used in these I would think that some effort would already be expended in making the metal flat.   

       As a marginally related side note, I learned that the Carbide and Carbon building in Chiago (linked) is actually clad in very very thin gold leaf. Plus there is a weird lit eye in the top that I could not find well explained anywhere.
bungston, Jun 23 2010

       alternately you can do what car companies have been doing for the last decade and run the car excessively rich briefly after start up to rapidly heat the cats up. In addition to this most modern systems include a first stage that is so close to the exhaust valve that it heats in seconds. Directing the exhaust to pass through a limited area of reactor is asking for that area to foul, plug, break apart due to thermal stress or otherwise fail. This simply isn't a very good idea.
WcW, Jun 23 2010

       In the early days of catalytic convertors, the exhaust gases were stored until the convertor had warmed up to a suitable operating temperature. They were then recirculated through the convertor. Link provided for your convenience.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 23 2010

       /foul, plug, break apart due to thermal stress or otherwise fail/   

       When someone asks these things of me I find it so hard to choose. I usually make them pick their top choice and second best.
bungston, Jun 23 2010

       // I find it amazing that you're able to write whole ideas without ever using the word and,   

       how the hell did you notice that?? I can't help but think I've missed something here
simonj, Jun 24 2010

       genetically engineered lemons with specific mutation making children more aggressive n greedy spurs millions of CEOs n really good lemonade stands add a coin smasher for micron bits of yuppie mutated rich people n pour water on them for sprayable liquid phase microemulsion n use in apocalyptic happylong warhead device or something similar
daseva, Jun 24 2010

       Bastærds with dipthongs - is that a sign of impending apocolypse?
Twizz, Jun 24 2010

       you know, I often think that beanangel is actually an alien in disguise trying to help humanity by secretly pushing new ideas that have worked elsewhere into human society.
Voice, Jun 27 2010

       You really didn't have to come out and say what we were all thinking.
daseva, Jun 27 2010


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