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Electromagnetic coin squasher makes superaffordable catalytic microparticles does ultra oil filtration plus creates new ways of doing chemistry

Electromagnetic coin squasher makes catalytic microparticles or presquashes what oil filters filter
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The link shows an electromagnetic coin squasher

I say use this to flatten microparticles of metal catalysts so they have much higher surface to volume ratio; two coild could be used to create "..::|::..::|::..::|::.." effects that create near an order of magnitude higher activity associated with terraced rather than planar catalyst atomic surface

Ive read that the primary coil vaporizes when squashing coins The way around this is to create a figure like (image) as well as possibly making the conduction path from Iron Bismuth alloy which as it combines magnetic with a diamagentic elements may have zero deformation at high magnetic fields You could also possibly just Iron Bismuth plate a coinwidth prestressed ceramic tube with teeny central aperture then power it while a fluid with catalysts microparticles travelled the aperture

( . )

Also the link has a coin squasher with one coil (like w) two or more coils perpendicular like 3W( . )W3 could be used to create customized microparticle shapes

If you get cheap resuable fluid system then you could actually flatten microparticleas as an oil filter particle resizer to permit ordinary oil filters to do ultrafiltration on the resized longer particles; superfiltration keeps mechanical devices running much longer

Also This creates a new kind of chemistry Its my perception that during the 20th century chemists would change the pH of an entire batch during a reactionor would use photochemistry to affect particular reactive compounds Magnetically zapping a WWWWWWWWWW polymer that had magnetic or diamagnetic groups or superacid groups would for just a 20thousandth of a second create new chemical reaction centers on purpose at adjustable time length plus reaction strength Not that different from tethering chemicals to liquid crystals then zapping them to differently reactive conformation yet much more versatile on latitude of materials Its kind of like non-protein protein conformation shape change

The catalyst idea combines with the wobbly catalytic converter to make removing air pollution 20 to 100 times cheaper

beanangel, Jun 22 2010

Electromagnetic coin squasher http://205.243.100....rames/shrinker.html
just wind the coil differently to make particles lengthier [beanangel, Jun 22 2010]

This shape of coil may precisely match shrink plus grow to create a continually reausable primary electromagnetic coil http://en.wikipedia...jous_curve_3by4.svg
[beanangel, Jun 22 2010]

Had some trouble with top link https://www.youtube...watch?v=d2TDXKfBaMQ
..this is more verbose but it does show the process [not_morrison_rm, Jan 05 2017]


Voice, Jun 22 2010

       the title is fascinatingly lengthy.
whatrock, Jan 05 2017

       A boon for numismatists who are short on space.
not_morrison_rm, Jan 05 2017

       I think you can't squash the small particles because they're too small to have sufficient eddy currents.
notexactly, Jan 06 2017


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