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Website simplifies and takes the hassle out of hunting down yard sales.
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This web site would transform the way Yard Sale shoppers navigate roads and avenues in the search for the ultimate treasures (coffee tables and lamps).The site would work like a trip planner and a classifieds page rolled into one. The shopper would log onto the site for the area they would like to go yard saleing in. The shopper would do a search through the local papers (linked on the site or as part of a broad search) for all the available yard, estate and garage sales. Selecting the ones that peek the shoppers interest would create a list. The List would be sorted by any selected criteria: distance, items listed at sale, type of sale etc. Once completed the sites programming would allow a map and directions to be displayed and printed. This map with route and tips could include which sale to hit based on the time it is open, most direct drive and even where the nearest latte drive thrus are.
krod, Feb 22 2004


       People place adds in news papers which double on the web all the time so that cost would already be covered. incentive for the construction and funding of the site , i guess would be banner advertisements for crafts or antique dealers. To the user it would be free, to the person posting a yard sale it would be the normal posting fee in the local paper. The trip planning is the main highlight, One could do it themselves but that would be more time consuming and lessen the time out shopping.
krod, Feb 22 2004

       Interesting -- though I think most people just go to eBay nowadays
theircompetitor, Feb 22 2004

       This would be great! I do most of my "rummaging" on bike. This would cut hours off of my saturday mornings. The latte twist is a big part of this ideas success - I cant imagine rummaging the 'hood without a cup of joe, and the coffee shops can sponsor the service.[+]
1st2know, Feb 22 2004

       There seems to be a ton of really bad ideas on Halfbakery.com but this one is pretty good. Possibly even good money potential because the turnaround would be very quick. I disagree about most people just go to eBay now. For eBay one has to be very patient. A yard sale typically has things that are 10% or below their value and most people do not travel far to get to them. The only thing that I dislike is that yard sales are seasonal so a garage sale site to complement it would be nice.
bkornele, Feb 23 2004

       I approve, [krod]. Obviously, not all homes will be listed so you may find some surprises, but knowing where to go would make it more appealing, aprés moi. +
k_sra, Feb 23 2004

       I'd just like to say bravo. I think you're a genius. BZ
phoenix706, Feb 24 2004

       sp: pique
krelnik, Feb 26 2004

       The people would probably post garage sales there as well as yard sales - so there is no need for another site.
my-nep, Feb 26 2004

       Alternatively you could just do what people here do; wait for trash night and then wander up and down the streets taking whatever looks good.
k_sra, Feb 26 2004


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