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Your IQ Is ______ sign

(belongs in public: road sign: joke)
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You know those signs that tell you your speed as you drive by, to point out how far above the speed limit you're going? (e.g. Your Speed is ___47__ MPH . . . Your Speed Is ___41__ MPH).

I think it would be fun to have a sign that says "Your IQ is ___##(#)__" as drivers go by. Of course, the number would be completely random, but it might fool some first-timers, especially if the number is close to correct.

phundug, Jul 24 2003


       Duh. I don't get it.
snarfyguy, Jul 24 2003

       I'm capricorn
po, Jul 24 2003

       thats a 6 car pileup right there
dickity, Jul 24 2003

       Not sure they make signs like that with enough digits.
beauxeault, Jul 24 2003

       umm, just kidding, by the way.
beauxeault, Jul 24 2003

       No you're not. <g>
k_sra, Jul 24 2003

       Hej, I'm Capricorn, too. I Qid you not.
FarmerJohn, Jul 24 2003

       and if the sign sees a "peeing calvin" or spoilers on your Honda, it deducts 20 IQ points.
shavenwarthog, Jul 24 2003

       That would put many people in the negative IQ range...
DeathNinja, Jul 24 2003

       // it might fool some first-timers //   

       So what if it does? No one will ever know. The sort of person fooled by this would not know their IQ or even know what an IQ is. Sorry, dumb idea.
waugsqueke, Jul 24 2003

       This could be based on the difference between actual speed of the vehicle and local speed limit and driving conditions.
Start with IQ=100: 50MPH over the limit at freezing temperatures = deduct 20, night and no head lights sensed = deduct 30 etc.
kbecker, Jul 24 2003

       I think it'd be funny, even if one wasn't fooled--funnier, in fact.
Eugene, Jul 25 2003

       Sadly, it wouldn't fool as many people as one might think because you are assuming that people read speed limit signs and then follow them. Perhaps, an inflatable police car near by so people will want to pay attention to the sign.
sartep, Jul 25 2003

       I have to add this. Where we used to live in a rented house, we were in a cute little 17th century cottage, in a row of like cottages. However, next door, and for the rest of the street, was council (i.e. low income) houses. First of all, let me say that it was, by far and away, the safest place we've ever lived. I used to park my pristine old MG out front, and I'll tell you, not one of those children dared even think about scratching it or their parents gave them a right going over. However, the myriad children from that end of the street, it had to be said, were not the most intelectually astute bunch of characters.
Anyway, it just so happened that at the very point in the street where middle class cottage land gave way to council houses, was a sign - a red warning triangle with a picture of two small people running, and a sign below saying "Slow Children".
Even now, I laugh out loud thinking about it despite myself.
goff, Jul 25 2003

       //two small peole ruinning//   

       Ha ha. I laugh out loud thinking about it. ; )
k_sra, Jul 25 2003

       "To infinity and beyond." -Buzz Lightyear
Tiger Lily, Jul 25 2003

       (psst! [goff]. You might want to edit some of the typos out of that.)
angel, Jul 25 2003

       [angel] I didn't relaise my tipping was quite that bad!
goff, Jul 25 2003

       The Fast and the really slow drivers get a low I.Q. and a note that says "can't you read you dumb S***!" and the guy driving the speed limit gets a high I.Q. and a five dollar check.
jeffman, Jul 25 2003

       Perhaps use the same existing technology and have yur speed limit the same as your iq.
lizziepunkin, Nov 24 2003

       I'm not sure the units work out there...but what do I know? I flunked the IQ test.
gabe, Nov 24 2003

       <Bad Joke> Albert Einstein arrives at a party and introduces himself to the first person he sees and asks, "What is your IQ?" to which the man answers "241." "That is wonderful!," says Albert. "We will talk about the Grand Unification Theory and the mysteries of the Universe. We will have much to discuss!"
Next Albert introduces himself to a woman and asks, "What is your IQ?" To which the lady answers, "144." "That is great!," responds Albert. "We can discuss politics and current affairs. We will have much to discuss!"
Albert goes to another person and asks, "What is your IQ?" to which the man answers, "31."
Albert responds, "And how are Sheffield Wednesday getting on these days?."
</Bad Joke>
sufc, Nov 24 2003

       What about having it tell you <small letters> If you drive like this all the time, an average year of <small letters> Driving like this is the same as playing russian ruelett with ## cylinders!
my-nep, Nov 24 2003

       //inflatable police car// This has been done, albeit in a slightly different form. I don't remember where, but a full-size front-view of a police car was placed on a particularly bad stretch of highway, where there were many accidents due to speeding. Being an interstate highway, there weren't all that many "regulars" on the road, and upon seeing the cutout from a distance, drivers would slow down. The accident rate dropped dramatically near the cutout.
Freefall, Nov 24 2003

       The funniest idea (and annos) in months!   

galukalock, Nov 26 2003

       Occasionally, there are a couple of doddering old fools who have illuminated signs showing numbers to the car drivers. Here, I thought they were displaying their IQ's. Alas, somebody said it was something to do with the speed of the cars. Now I don't know what to believe! blueswag
blueswag, Jul 18 2004


       //and if the sign sees a "peeing calvin" or spoilers on your Honda, it deducts 20 IQ points.//   

       This inspires me to imagine a fun joke where the sign is not completely random, but shows whatever some hidden folks decide it to be, based on what they see. Now it's become some sort of joke show where unsuspecting drivers get "punked".
XSarenkaX, May 08 2012

       And no matter how long I look at it, "punked" still looks like "puked" to me.
XSarenkaX, May 08 2012

       How about one that says "For god's sake, don't turn around! There's a knife wielding maniac in the back, just stay calm, the police are on their way".
not_morrison_rm, May 09 2012


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