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wi-fi street signs

A host of information
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Street signs could have transmitters that tell the car a lot of information. They could tell them the speed limit, and if they're going too fast. They could tell them about future dips, curves, or roadwork ahead. One could find out weather forecasts for that area and everything the locals would like to address via the street signs.
nratzan, Jun 18 2003


       The town could put directions in the street sign, so if someone is looking for the event, there would be directions available right in the car. Now all the guys don't have to ask anyone. Also, yard sales could be put in there. It would make the town a lot more aesthetically pleasing because you wouldn't need signs all over, and if the person takes interest, they have all the info with them in the car.
nratzan, Jun 18 2003

       I don't know enough about wi-fi, but maybe the rate of change in number of packets sent and recieved would change with the relational distance between the car's receiver and the transmitter. This would allow the sensor to determine the velocity of the vehicle.
nratzan, Jun 19 2003

       This could be what is needed to get rid of visual advertisement around the city and freeways. Ads will have information about you and you'll only have ads that will show up in your car screen. Anyone who stays away from big companies that keep information about you will not be bothered by such advertisment, and spam filters could be available.
I looked at the geocorder, and my favorite thing about it was the graffiti part. I think it's amazing, and a great way for communication within the community. I did a study on graffiti last semester, and I thought a lot about this concept of using graffiti as a means of communication, better for confrontation between people in the community than standoffs or visual aggresion rather than scripted discussion. The geocorder and wi-fi signs could bring society to a level where space is an artifact of discourse and directions that is only transmittible through computers.
nratzan, Jun 19 2003

       Or Coca Cola says,"I heard you bought a Pepsi the other day. Punk!"
nratzan, Jun 19 2003

       Are you being sarcastic jutta cheese?
nratzan, Jun 19 2003

       i like using halfbakery to extend and archive my ideas HB doesn't have to be a community. Especially not one where someone who's trying to be creative is ridiculed for the lack of other people's involvement in the elaboration of ideas.
nratzan, Jun 19 2003

       Hey nratz, knock knock...
nratzan, Jun 19 2003

       who's there?
nratzan, Jun 19 2003

nratzan, Jun 19 2003

       tequila who?
nratzan, Jun 19 2003

       tequila mockingbird, the new drink nratzan made up but can't post because of some rule about recipes.
nratzan, Jun 19 2003

       wi-fi cells typically have a much smaller radius than the visible area in front of a billboard.
telepathetic, Mar 08 2004

       Cadillac is coming out with a GPS version of this idea in '05.
mhuppertz, Jul 16 2004


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