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Cheap visual pun = handy all-purpose tool
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There isn't much to say, other than to review the attatched illustration. The name kinda says it all...
ophello, Sep 29 2005

(???) Illustration http://hennesseydes...ebs.com/crowbar.gif
"Crow"-bar illustration [ophello, Sep 29 2005, last modified Jan 10 2010]

More collective nouns http://rinkworks.co...ds/collective.shtml
[coprocephalous, Sep 30 2005]


       If not for the illustration I might have given this a Pun MFD. As it is, I quite like it.
hidden truths, Sep 29 2005

       Hauling around more than one of these would be murder.   

       What's MFD?
ophello, Sep 29 2005

       My Favorite Dolly. It's a term of endearment. It means he likes you.
half, Sep 29 2005

       Oh, c'mon [half], don't lead the poor kid astray. Don't listen to him, [ophello], MFD stands for Mustn't Find Dreadful.
Trickytracks, Sep 29 2005

       Ha - it's really a Swiss Army Crowbar - that alone should earn it a place in people's hearts around here!
DrCurry, Sep 29 2005

       //Oh, c'mon [half], don't lead the poor kid astray. Don't listen to him, [ophello], MFD stands for Mustn't Find Dreadful.//   

       The "poor kid" figured as much. Is this a term of endearment, too?
ophello, Sep 29 2005

       No, this is just lack of sleep filtering through. Apologies.
Trickytracks, Sep 30 2005

       [2fries] Nice.
coprocephalous, Sep 30 2005

       I must give this a +. I think it's cute. The illustration that is.
blissmiss, Sep 30 2005

       //Hauling around more than one of these would be murder.//   

       I get it!
ophello, Sep 30 2005

       Since it already has a beak, it should be a functional pick-axe.
Shz, Sep 30 2005

       Was hoping this was going to be a tasty snack. I'm not happy with this.
etherman, Sep 30 2005

       i think that as a pickaxe, the prying functionality might be degraded, making this a crow-axe.
ophello, Sep 30 2005

       don't you dare diss my crows!   

       or my pigeons...   

       the illustration doesn't really reflect the beauty of the crow, sorry!
po, Sep 30 2005

       i thought this was going to be an idea for a pub for lawyers, or else an association for lawyers.
schmendrick, Sep 30 2005

       With a fine picture, all is forgiven. +
bungston, Sep 30 2005

       Disappointingly, the link to the picture seems to have died.
st3f, Dec 12 2016


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