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escalator rock crusher

drop them from a height
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There was an idea on here a while ago about small-scale rock-crushing (not beany's) - must have been deleted - the gist was 'WIBNI there was some low-cost portable mechanism to crush rocks into gravel'

Recently tried breaking boulders by picking them up and heaving them at a strong-looking stone. About a quarter of them would split open per try. Of course there were a few tough-nuts-to-crack. Sometimes the anvil-stone would break instead.

The idea is an inclined conveyor with cleats or buckets for rocks that carries them to the top (20 feet?) and drops them onto an anvil. Split chunks will be further crushed by subsequent rock impacts if the anvil is wide. Screens would separate chunks from gravel and return chunks to process.

afinehowdoyoudo, Jul 11 2010


       I remember a nature show where the bird takes the bones from a carcass and drops them onto rocks from way up high to break them and subsequently drink the nutrient rich marrow. Maybe we could train birds to break rocks for us?
daseva, Jul 11 2010

       The monkeys are not dropping things. The escalators are dropping things. However, since you wish to make an issue of it, the monkeys will now take a brief turn at dropping things from a height while the escalators hurl their poo at you. :)   

       No, I don't know what the escalators have been eating.
pertinax, Jul 11 2010

       [bigsleep] It's not just you. I don't know *anyone* who would consider a Christmas sans chocolate-covered rodents the same as a Christmas with them.
mouseposture, Jul 11 2010

       What happened? Did we lose the technology of the stamp mill sometime in the last couple of generations?
lurch, Jul 12 2010

       lurch, (at the risk of being serious... 'ATROBS') - there are plenty of rock crushing mechanisms, but they all seem to be heavy and expensive. The idea is to make a small-scale crusher on-the-cheap
afinehowdoyoudo, Jul 12 2010

       That's what I meant. I've seen water-powered stamp mills that could be packed on the back of a single donkey - and not be over 5 feet high fully set up.
lurch, Jul 12 2010


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