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"Joyous Solstice"

Forget the religion and celebrate something else.
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I get a kick out of watching the holiday season become more politically correct as saying "Merry Christmas" becomes taboo and is replaced by "Happy Holidays."

A solution for those of us (or just me) who wants to have a generic but original holiday saying is to celebrate the solstice once again. Like the pagan holiday Christmas was hijacked from we may now give praise to the universe that the daylight hours will soon be getting longer and the cold weather will be going away. We can sing and dance as we revel around the big green "solstice bush" and give "sun gifts" to our friends and enemies. Everything can be so cheerful and happy that we will all get dibetes.


Winter Solstice Celebration http://www.cultural-center.org/sing.htm
Man, that's a funky looking "solstice bush" they decided to substitute for the traditional Christmas tree. [jurist, Dec 17 2005]


       "Solstice bush" was a Christmas tree reference...   

       Merry Politically-Correct Wintertime Festival, and a Happy New Gregorian Calendrical Year!
dbmag9, Dec 17 2005


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