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"Stick a Cow in the Field" sports

DesertFox - Making sports better. Anytime, all the time.
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Take a sport.

Any sport will do. Boring sports especially.

Yes, even bowling.

Yes, croquet, too.

Especially croquet.

Even golf.

Stick multiple cows in the course/field as obstacles that must be avoided at all costs.

Much better.

Imagine "Stick a Cow in the Field" baseball......

DesertFox, Jun 27 2004


       I voted yes for "miniature golf version of anything" so I'll vote for this too.
5th Earth, Jun 27 2004

       Odd - I'm voting against this for the same reason. Sorry, DF.
lostdog, Jun 27 2004

       Cows move around and stuff. They also moo to throw off your concentration.
DesertFox, Jun 27 2004

       <obligatory> Don't have a cow man.
This has the potential of degrading into a list but I couldn't help but picture Roller Derby/Running of the bulls, so (+).

       I need more details on the "much better" part. It isn't immediately evident to me.
waugsqueke, Jun 27 2004

       I quite like this idea ! It breaks up the monotony by adding the element of surprise. (mildly baked by the spanish a long time ago). I would feel mildly upset about seeing a cow take a baseball to the head, as I tuck into my beef burger.
PainOCommonSense, Jun 28 2004

       Negative point- You don't have to feed a windmill- AND the cow will ruin your field
macncheesy, Jun 28 2004

       Much better than the udder similar idea -- so, since the windmills deserved 2 fishbones, this idea gets only 1.
phundug, Jun 28 2004

       ...although the idea of riding a cow down a luge course is pretty amusing... okay, croissant.
phundug, Jun 28 2004

       Neutral from me. Been there, done that. Stick a (insert funny object that doesn't belong) in (recreational activity). Even borrowed the presentation style.
RayfordSteele, Jun 28 2004


       I didn't borrow the presentation style.   


       I did it like that on the spur of the moment.....
DesertFox, Jun 30 2004


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