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alcoholic waterbra

why not?
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waterbras end up breaking anyway. so why not have some FUN when it breaks? or, for a better way to enjoy this, poke a hole in the alcoholic waterbra and get men lined up under you to drink. good idea? i think so.
LaLaLaLola, Sep 04 2001


       Lined up under the bar-bra, right?
The Military, Sep 04 2001

       Mephista - that sounds more like it's from Anthony Burgess's "A Clockwork Orange." I don't recall anything like that in Pynchon, though some of "Gravity's Rainbow" does get pretty weird, and I'm not sure if I remember it all perfectly.
snarfyguy, Sep 04 2001

       btw - What's a waterbra?
snarfyguy, Sep 04 2001

       ahm....There was something like that in Clockwork Orange, i think. But I remember it being milk, rather than beer. wh00p.
corybanticcherry, Oct 27 2001

       why do we need an alcohal filled bra? why can't we breed a race of women that instead of milk produce beer. Sure kids would grow up to be drunks, but what's new? aren't most kids drunks these days?
harp1369, Apr 27 2002

       To clear up the Pynchon heresy going on here, the Suck Hour is at the beginning of V., and it's not an idea, it really happens.
General Washington, Aug 15 2002


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