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anti pervert filter in anonymous chatting sites

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I hate how in places like http://omegle.com/ , people disconnects you after you say you are a guy.

If the system detects that you tend to disconnect people who say they are a guy, the system should skew the type of people that chatter can chat to.

So in the instance of Chatroulette , it will hook the offending party so that they are more likely to see a guy 'choking the chicken' rather than a real girl.

Leaving the other relatively 'normal' boys and girls to talk to each other.

mofosyne, Oct 31 2010

Chatroulette Selling Pantless Chatters To Hustler http://www.huffingt...ategy_n_775005.html
[leinypoo13, Oct 31 2010]


       Similar to your idea, chatroulette starting selling their exhibitionist traffic to Hustler. Revenues doubled. And less penii.
leinypoo13, Oct 31 2010

       Huh? Why do you frequent these places? Are you a closet "chicken-strangler", [AM]?
infidel, Oct 31 2010

       theres another link somewhere stating that chatroulete is attempting to make an auto blur feature that can sense penises.
bob, Sep 29 2011

       ^ and ain't that gonna be a popular software project to put on the ol' resume.
FlyingToaster, Sep 29 2011

       //Chatroulette // Sounds like another one of those early Schrodinger experiments that got covered up and the public never got to hear about.
zen_tom, Sep 29 2011

       Uncompensated sexual contact with total strangers seems largely the province of males. If you are a man looking for this, and you cannot connect with your ideal partner, a strong second best would be to connect with someone who will convincingly pretend to be your ideal partner. The pretender might even be preferable - an actual woman is that by accident of biology, whereas a pretender is that by artifice, intention and effort. If anatomy is irrelevant, the pretender might do a better job.   

       Thus someone who is overtly not going to pretend at all "I am a man! And a homely one at that!" would have a relatively limited choice of partners to connect with.
bungston, Sep 29 2011

       hehe homely looks like hornely
rcarty, Sep 29 2011


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