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are they busy?

show me how busy my contacts are
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If they agree to make the information public, display next to every name in my contact list, how many conversations they have open at the moment. Or why not display the names of the users they are talking to at the moment. Especially if they are people I also know.

Alternatively display a map of all my contacts, connecting those who know each other, or those who are talking to each other right now. I'm just thinking whether this would be useful/interesting, forget the blatant privacy violation this time..

lkozma, Sep 07 2007


       this is probably doable already, but those pesky privacy issues...
dentworth, Sep 07 2007

       So part of this is like the Jabber's conference rooms?
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 07 2007

       in all ways possible you are trying to simulate a social life without actually having one. just go outside and say 'good morning' to someone.   

       who cares how many people they are chatting with and who. nosy, nosy.
k_sra, Sep 07 2007


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