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ignition breathalizer

proove to yourself, friends and CAR! that you can drive !
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A simple breathalizer device required to start your vehicle.
maliki, Sep 26 2000

Breathalizer http://www.breathalizer.net
[knothacker, Oct 04 2004]

"Florida mandates breathalyzer locks for convicted drunk drivers" http://autonet.ca/A...s.cfm?storyID=10418
"Those drivers would be required to have a device attached to their automobile's ignition that would prevent anyone with more than a certain alcohol level on their breath from being able to start the vehicle." [kropotkin, Oct 04 2004]


       Baked. You may wish to search on Google or other search engine before posting. Same suggestion I received after overcooking.
thumbwax, Sep 27 2000

       Not only baked, but required by the courts in several states for multiple DUIs.
danrue, Sep 27 2000

       And all too easily circumvented by a sober friend or family member, alas.
Uncle Nutsy, Sep 27 2000

       What they said.
oic, Dec 07 2000

       Sorry to inform you but, do you have a patent on this idea since I have invented it aswell, but only came upon this site after. Was wondering if you might wanna coordinate or contact some how, i find it preaty fun.. lol
Darthwar, Feb 19 2002

       I couldn't stand such a thing. I don't drink _at all_. The presumption that I should need to prove this to a car, many times a day, bothers me to no end. Especially since we still couldn't eliminate keys -- there are a lot of sober people around, after all, but I don't like them driving my car.
cpt kangarooski, Feb 20 2002

       Darthwar: the device in question was originally patented in 1965 (Patent No. 3,186,508).
bookworm, Feb 20 2002

       Two things:   

       1. "proove."   

       2. As I think I mentioned elsewhere, in some jurisdictions just being inside your car when drunk (even if you are asleep in the back seat) is enough for a successful charge of "Drunk in charge of a vehicle." So this breathalyzer would have to be on the outside of your car.
calum, Feb 20 2002

       Oops! I just thought that up and Made one! See Car Breath Dectector!
CV, Apr 01 2003

       This is actually what happens after a DUI conviction in Ontario they install one to your ignition and you have to breath into it in order to start the car. Also I belive you also have to breath into it during certain time intervals while you're driving just to prove that you just didn't bring some beer for the drive.
Piper7865, Apr 06 2003


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