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infrasound implants

small implants inserted in the back of malefactor's neck accomplish a life-numbing effect over time!
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small implants which emit ultra-low frequency infrasound. proximity to sensory organs makes for easy subjugation over time. break even the toughest of criminals w/ daily treatment over days, weeks, months. grant them occasional relief by allowing them a day or two's respite for good behavior. otherwise pile it on...
screwtape, Sep 15 2003


       Being a sufferer of anxiety and drepression myself, I can't in good faith inflict this on anyone else. Even if they deserve it. BTW, if I find out this is being tested on me, I'm going to have to hurt someone...
Katt, Sep 15 2003

       "Gives Katts subjugation device controller back to screwtape* I'm done.   

       Have you seen that movie where there was a big underground prison in the middle of a desert? It was supposed to be maximum of maximum security, and the inmates had implants in their guts somewhere. Except theirs caused them immense pain whenever they did anything wrong.
RoboBust, Sep 15 2003

       *yikes. depression is no joke - something we all have to deal with at some point or another. however, this invention would be less simply a means to depress the entire prison population and more a creation to 'break' those who simply can't fall into line. consider it something like the high-tech, 21st century version of solitary confinement/getting tossed in 'the hole.' it should eventually become something that is so feared, so downright frightening - something having demonstrable effects day to day - that it deters any getting out of line, minimizes incentive for male rape, and generally gives security personnel an easier job.   

       hope you feel better [Katt]. :)   

       ps- i have no idea what movie you're talking about [RoboBust] - anyone?
screwtape, Sep 15 2003

       Hehe, d'oh. I bet DeathNinja knows it.
RoboBust, Sep 15 2003

       Fortress is the movie I think your'e talking about RoboBust.
Oops, forget I said anything.


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