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pointy bra

not just for madona
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Some women have pointy boobs. So sue us! It was not our idea, that's just how they grew. At any rate, almost every bra I get tries to mash my breasts into a spherical shape. I propose that in addition to the circumferences and cup size measurements bras also come in degrees of pointyness ranging from S (for sphear) to C (for cone) sizes would read:

36B - S (medium sized round boobs)

28A - CS(smallish slightly pointy boobs)

28B - CC(medium boob so pointy they could put your eye out!)

You get the idea ...

futurebird, Jul 17 2001

is this what you're after? http://www.yummihussi.com/yummi1_end.html
pointy. [mihali, Jul 17 2001]


       have you seen any films from the 1950's? many women back then were wearing the pointy maidenform bra. marylin monroe in "some like it hot" among other films comes to mind immediately...mmmm...marilyn...ahem...oh yeah, see link.
mihali, Jul 17 2001

       I am a sister in pointiness, and this is something I can appreciate; no more false advertising.
Heloise, Jul 17 2001

       He's very thoughtful.   

       (Don't ask for credentials, whatever you do.)
waugsqueke, Jan 13 2002

       {harp1369]: Cool it on the bra fixation. It's getting a little trollish.
bristolz, Apr 27 2002

       I didn't like modannas pointy bra. Why do I want to see a bunch of chicks running around with these bloody poke my eyes out bras?
harp1369, Apr 27 2002


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