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reincarnation via instalment plan

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Service where invest monthly into an investment account with a company that also has samples of your DNA. The money would continue to grow in an account until all the kinks in human cloning are worked out.When you are respawned you will start out with funds to enjoy any opportunities that you didn't have in your first life.
bob, Aug 06 2016

Memory transfer http://www.imdb.com...70/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1
Simple enough. [8th of 7, Aug 06 2016]

Qualia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qualia
What [8th] is talking about [notexactly, Aug 12 2016]


       Unless your Spotify and Apple Music and Google movies and Netflix and web hosting and Google drive and Dropbox and iCloud and all those other subscriptions are still running, in which case…
Ian Tindale, Aug 06 2016

       Couldn't you just leave a will bequeathing everything to yourself, in the case of your death. Then have someone deposit it all in a "dead me" bank account, and the interest will add up, till you show up to claim it.   

       //Scratches head, wonders what the hell cloning and reincarnation have in common, decides nothing, gets dressed and goes to work shaking head.//
blissmiss, Aug 06 2016

       Nice pressure on the future, both financially and resourcing. Hopefully the spawning will be way way out there and then shouldn't be a problem.
wjt, Aug 06 2016

       //wonders what the hell cloning and reincarnation have in common//   

       Well, it sort of depends.   

       Reincarnation is what happens when you wake up from a general anaesthetic: you have been, to all in tents and porpoises, dead; then your memories kick back in giving you a sense of continuity, and you're alive again.   

       For DNA-based reincarnation to work, you would need to produce a replacement person (relatively easy), and then somehow upload all the memories from their previous existence, to re-establish continuity. Of course, you might be able to upload those memories into a non-cloned body, in which case the cloning is irrelevant.   

       Without the memory upload, all that would happen is that somebody would walk out of a lab thinking "Hey, I look just like this guy who died 50 years ago and left me all this money."
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 06 2016

       // upload all the memories from their previous existence, to re-establish continuity. //   

       Baked & WKTE.   

8th of 7, Aug 06 2016

       //somebody would walk out of a lab thinking "Hey, I look just like this guy who died 50 years ago and left me all this money."//   

       Just out of interest [MB], what language would the new person think this in?
pocmloc, Aug 06 2016

       It's impossible to say, since every individual has a unique, internal subjective perception of their sensory inputs.   

       Language is of necessity a consensus, otherwise it could not function. But play the objectively standardised sound of, for example, "coffee" to two individuals, so that the same pattern of frequencies and pressures impinge on their tympanic membranes, and one brain may internally decode it as "squmplet" while the other decodes "frimbortl". There is no objective way of knowing.   

       Similarly, although both individuals may respond "Yes, please" or "No thankyou", their internal representation of the consensus pressure wave patterns may be entirely different, although the neural commands sent to the muscles of the laryinx and tongue may be extremely similar.   

       So, basically, don't ask stupid questions. Don't make us do metaphysics at you.
8th of 7, Aug 06 2016

       Great, my left knee gets to live again, after I die.
not_morrison_rm, Aug 13 2016

       Surely the data configuration of a person's response profile that defines that person's self must be expressible as a set of functions, and surely at points during history (or pe) there must've been other occasional individuals who just happen to have what is effectively that same set of same functions in the same configuration? In other words, the same people keep cropping up throughout history (or double maths).
Ian Tindale, Aug 13 2016


       Consider 100 inputs, each mapping to only a single binary output. The ludicrously simple model gives you 2^100 possible people, or about 10^10. It's unlikely that even nematodes recur.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 13 2016

       Even in nematode pi ?
8th of 7, Aug 13 2016

       You can’t frighten me with those big numbers, even if disguised as powers. A lot of those will be nulled or equivalented, and a lot of those won’t occur in preference to the ones that will occur due to some form of weighting or bias. Assuming a more directed network formation exhibiting detectable eigenvector centrality, it might prove that a small whirled effect affords some kind of animal magnetisation to a set of archery types.
Ian Tindale, Aug 13 2016


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