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wifi hitchhiking "thumb" 3-in-one

safe&comfy hitchhiking , plus illegal radio station and file sharing
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this is a product originally intended for a community with a common interest.

the driver of a car basically has a wireless router installed in his car, which has the basic capabilities of a small computer too. the driver marks his destination (either through his GPS system or a code such as city name) ,flips the 'available' button and goes on his way.

on the other side, a hitchhiker flips on his "thumb" , which is a small wifi card with a basic computer (or just his cellphone with a special software in it) , feeds his destination (same method) , and hopes for the best.

you can understand where this is going. you can add driver/passenger 'ratings' such as Ebay , to warn others of a notorious passenger, or have "filters" , for example by interests (perfer people who like cats) payment preference (free or small fee) ,languages spoken , etc.

I think this could make hitchhiking a marvelous experience , much like ICQ but in the real world.

now , added bonuses-

1- community radio broadcast - connect your device to a (legal?) radio transmitter and have the system download podcasts from other 'participants' at the red light (or by other ways), then transmit them at certain times ,creating sort of a viral ,distributed ,mobile renegade radio station. broadcast your own news over the BBC frequencies and never get 'triangulated' by communication authorities!

2- simpler than (1) , just have the system create an ad-hoc network for distributing your favorite media , with hitchhikers or with other participating vehicles.

if youv'e taken the time to read this please write your opinion..

supershnitzel, Sep 05 2006

Couchsurfing.com http://www.couchsurfing.com/
Kind of like this idea, without the wifi or hitchhiking [wiml, Sep 06 2006]


       Kind of takes the spontaneity out of hitchhiking, doesn't it? Also, whoever runs the website might be considered partially responsible for any tragic mishaps that might occur.
ye_river_xiv, Sep 05 2006

       It is halfbaked, for sure. Whenever I've hitchiked, it was unplanned. So, will I have to carry this thumb around with me all over the place?
daseva, Sep 05 2006

       Sounds a lot like Ford Prefect's "electronic thumb" from the _Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy_.
bjl8, Sep 05 2006

       Too much if you ask me.
zeno, Sep 06 2006

       if no one comes up with a solution for high gas prices and expensive hybrids .. this is going to be baked ...   

       by the way, the the nice thing about this 'thumb' is that it can be your cellphone (with wifi enabled) or any other wifi gadget like gameboy. same goes for the station in the car.   

       so no problem with spontaneousity..
supershnitzel, Sep 06 2006


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