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wireless ethernet in car

take it with you.
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doesn't everyone have a computer in their car to play their music? (minitower + power inverter + LCD screen + video card with Video out + touchpad)

Add a wireless ethernet card so when your car sits in the garage it can be connected to your other computer(s) for MP3 transfers, or bring your work with you.

TOY4TWO, Feb 24 2001

Baked http://www.twice.co...a.cfm?InputKey=2845
"Delphi, in conjunction with 3Com, is showing a head unit that will connect wirelessly to an IEEE 802.11 wireless home network so that users can download music or information from their home PC or laptop (that has an 802.11 network card) at a rate of 11Mbps to their car in their garage (up to 100 meters away)." [egnor, Feb 24 2001]

slashdot thread on wireless surfing in cars http://slashdot.org...03/05/1931214.shtml
In reaction to coverage of Broadband2Wireless's Boston rollout. [jutta, Feb 24 2001]


       "Video card with Video out"... uh, as opposed to all those other video cards? If you mean "TV out", why bother? Are TV LCDs cheaper than VGA LCDs?   

       Anyway, rapidly baking. See link for just one example.
egnor, Feb 24 2001

       I think he means '(TV) video out(put)'...as opposed to SVGA...
StarChaser, Feb 24 2001

       well, the more efficent person uses a DC power supply with a 10V to 15V Input, instead of going from DC in the car, to AC in the inverter, to DC in the compuer. You lose about 20% power through all the conversions.   

       Also, having the computer connected to a battery with a DC float charger is helpful, so you can run the computer with the car off, while not using up all the car's battery (make it like a UPS).   

       Try using a 802.11a card, it is much faster.
dtstyle, Jul 31 2002


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